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Thornridge Manor is an extraordinary facility in its ability to provide for its customers a well deserved list of amenities and a friendly experience associated with an owner/family operated business. Built in 1999, Thornridge Manor offers a safe dressage training environment for the horse and rider. As the head trainer, Phoebe Devoe-Moore is completely involved in the daily operations of Thornridge Manor in the stable, on the grounds, and in the office. Her husband, Chuck Moore, is constantly expanding and improving Thornridge Manor. In addition to Phoebe and Chuck's role as owners, Claudia Kleinsmith's role as manager and assistant trainer supply even more equine knowledge and appreciation of the dressage horse/rider partnership. Together, Phoebe and Claudia are enthusiastically committed to sharing a multi-educated knowledge of dressage in a supportive atmosphere for adults and juniors of all experience levels.

Phoebe and Chuck

         Phoebe and Claudia

Barn Construction 1999
Thornridge Manor 2006


2014 -- Our 15 Year Anniversary!!!
In her pivotal early 20's, Phoebe decided: All paths could lead nowhere, everywhere or somewhere, so she followed her heart. Thornridge Manor is a gathering place for family, friends and the horses we cherish.

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