Meet Chuck Moore

Although Phoebe’s husband, Chuck is not a trainer at Thornridge Manor, it is unfair not to devote a page highlighting his involvement in the business. After meeting at the “Blessing of the Hounds” on Thanksgiving Day in 2002 for the Elkridge Harford Hunt Club, Chuck is now most certainly a horseman (albeit by default). Behind the scenes, with a loyal and supportive attitude, Chuck is always available to our friends at Thornridge Manor!!!

Master Mojito Maker at the Legacy Races -- Chuck even grows fresh mint!!!

The video master at the shows
Since 2002, Chuck has attended every horse show that Phoebe and Claudia have competed in. Not only is he the official trailer driver, but he can always be spotted along the arena short end with a video camera in hand. Chuck has transported our sale horses throughout the East Coast -- from Michigan to Florida.

Hanging out with the yearlings

A talented photographer -- Chuck has captured a gift in the bottom field after a storm
Chuck is a talented artist in landscape and hardscape. His day to day contributions to Thornridge Manor’s beautification and maintenance are lengthy. To name a few, Chuck has installed our stone-paver entrances, outdoor stone mounting block, and numerous garden designs.

Initial completion of the paver entrances

We love the mounting block.

Chuck’s dahlia garden creation. Check back in 2008 for more garden construction
In addition to meticulously maintaining the lawn and field care at our 90 acre farm, Chuck is always improving our facility features. He has installed our discrete manure containment system, sawdust containment system, and all of the automatic water systems to every field. Chuck believes that the farm is always a work in progress…Phoebe wonders what great improvement will come next!!!

One of Chucks toys -- regrading with the skid loader

Chuck keeps a well manicured jump meadow.

Trenching for the automatic watering systems
Chuck's most recent contributions to Thornridge Manor has been the installation of a beautiful outdoor arena AND amazing individual lockers for the boarder's tackroom.
In 2009, Chuck expressed an interest in handling all of Thornridge Manor's young horses at Breed Shows. He also preps all of our youngsters for inspections. He is very patient and talented with the horses!!

Windsong FV is awarded MMPS Status and Top Scoring American Bred Mare for the entire 2009 AHHA Inspection Tour!!

Chuck presenting AHS mare, Legacy of Gold

In 2010 Chuck won AA Handler at Dressage at Devon with Dressed To Kill. Calvin was only a yearling!

Chuck did all the practice with Heirloom, but Phoebe could not keep up with the dam, so they traded the day of competition. Heirloom wins GAIG/USDF East Coast Breeder's Championship AND wins Oldenburg-NA IBC class!!!!

Move over, Windy, it looks like Chuck has a new favorite in Londonderry Lad

Another foal gravitating toward Chuck -- Victory on Wallstreet.

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