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In The Equiery's 2013 Eventing Issue: "Around The Starting Box," page 23, highlights Jeanie Gore & HD's acceptance into USDF's CENTURY CLUB. They are the 125th member!!! Woohoo!!! This article, which is provided in a link below is a MUST-READ!!!!!

Link to Jeanie's Story HERE!!!

Phoebe has known Jeanie since she has been less then "Knee-High!!" Jeanie was a loyal student (and all-of-the-above in this horse industry) of the local and The-Legendary-and-True-Horsewoman, Ann McKay!! Jeanie started competing in this area in 1970 -- and still does TODAY!!! Phoebe started taking lessons with Ann as a 5, as a wee-bit-child, she grew up watching Jeanie and her RED entourage at Ann's with BIG-WONDERING-EYES!!! Jeanie was just the most gracious person that Phoebe had ever encountered: Back in those early days, Jeanie had a RED Suburban, RED striped trailer, RED Saddle pads and all RED horse clothing (including Lende shipping boots), RED rider clothing.....OMG, the list goes on!!! AND, the coolest thing about this story is that Jeanie has still stayed true to her colors....everything, TO DATE, IS STILL RED!!!! And, yes, there is still a RED SUBURBAN filled with JACKs. Jeanie is the first person that ever introduced Phoebe to Jack Russell's.....and, her oldest Jack, George, is one of Phoebe's homebred's. Phoebe's Ceili (turned 16yo on March 21, 2013) is the moma of Jeanie's oldest Jack, Georgie!!!! So, Phoebe & Jeanie have had, what seems like a century of, connection, with one another!!!! After Ann retired, Jeanie started trailering in for dressage lessons. She is a constant bright-light for all of us at Thornridge!! Jeanie, Please know that YOU are such and INSPIRATION TO ALL OF US AT THORNRIDGE!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Vick" Was Born on April 7, 2013

As Phoebe was hand grazing Calvin at Morven Park in the early am hours of April, 7, she received a phone call that Romy's delivery was eminent! And, so we have Wallstreet Romance's foal (by Vinca) born later that day!!! Phoebe & Chuck had an opportunity to field-trip it to NY and meet this special colt, at 5 days old. And, it is with great pleasure, that we can FORMALLY congratulate Leeandra & Joe Wesley on Vick's lucky ducks!!! Here are some Vick photos at 5 days old, compliments of Harford Design.

April 6-7, 2013
VADA/Nova Spring Dressage
At Morven Park, Leesbug, VA

Thornridge Jump Starts their 2013 Show Season with a BANG: It has been a long time since we have headed off to a show with only boy geldings in tote -- after all, Phoebe & Claudia's claim to fame is that WE ARE MARE LOVERS!!! But, with that said, the early show proved to be easy-peasy!! Here are some our Thornridge's Highlights from our first show:

Claudia & Wallstreet Prince: Even though our Prince had some Saturday "circus music" in his head, he redeemed himself on Sunday for a 63+ % on Sunday. We highly celebrated this score achievement for the pair and have included a photo of Claudia sitting his medium trot with ease!!! Great training & fitness dedication, to improve, this pair has shown all winter....and it paid off!!!

Claudia & Dressed To Kill: Phoebe was originally slated to ride Calvin at his showing debut, but Phoebe's food poisoning made this an impossibility. We had NO idea how Calvin's coming 4-yo-self would handle his first showing experience, so we were all set up to scratch and just do non-compete. Well, he sure did not disappoint as he was, to date, the BEST 3-4YO that we have EVER taken to a show!!! He ended Sunday with a win at Training 2, and scores up to 65+%. GO Calvin!!!! AND a huge HUG to Claudia for being such a great sport!!!

Phoebe & Ribery 20: Made their showing debut together and could not be more thrilled. This incredibly talented 6yo has such future FEI potential!! Riblet was wonderfully well behaved in his FEI for 6yo classes and now we are even more motivated to let his special-ness shine in future qualifying classes. AND, along the way, Thornridge had coined the term "The Nucks." This represents both Phoebe's husband, Chuck & Becky's husband, Nick. Chuck is loving having some male-company and we are ALL HAVING FUN TOGETHER!!!!

Suzanne & Brisk: This pair inched up their scores every ride and ended up on Sunday with a Third Level-Start-of-the-Season-Score of 62.68%, qualifying them for 2013 BLM!!! Yeah!!!

Misc Fun: Thornridge was really excited to see our own Wallstreet Prince's & Wallstreet Romance's full sibling back to the competition ring!!! We would like to congratulate Lauren Dearlove & Wrosette for an outstanding ride at 2nd-1, scoring 63.2+%!!! We would also like to say that it was great to get started into 2013 -- we had a BLAST catching up with friends and hanging out, large- margaritas included!!

The American Hanoverian
Winter 2013 Quarterly Magazine

The American Hanoverian magazine winter quarterly 2013 had a wonderful article about Suzanne Rittler & Brisk's 2012 Second Level BLM Championship. Also included in this article was Phoebe & Wallstreet Prince's successful BLM show!! Additionally, Wallstreet Prince was photographed along with 3 of his full siblings at Region 1 GAIG Championships. There was a fun article, "All In The Family," highlighting the full sibling's breeding and performance success!!!

Please click the following links below to read about Thornridge's AHS horses at 2012 BLM & GAIG:

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February 2013

In February 2013, both the EQUIERY and the USDF CONNECTION published their 2012 YEARBOOK. Thornridge Manor was represented in photography of Phoebe's Heirloom, Jacqueline Caldwell & JC's Keely of Texel, Claudia Kleinsmith & Whimsy, Alexandra Riggle & JC's Keely of Texel, and Elizabeth Loundas & Dare To Dream. Please click the following links to view a small sampling of Thornridge's Local, Regional and National Championships, Perpetual Trophies and Medals.

Click here to view the USDF Yearbook entry about Heirloom

Click here to view the USDF Yearbook entry about Jacqueline Caldwell and JC's Keely #1

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January 2013

The Oldenburg/NA 2013 BREEDERS JOURNAL has just arrived and there is a lovely recap of both Phoebe's Heirloom and her 2012 Markel mount, Veronica, 2012 journey. Please click the link below to view another reporting of Thornridge's 2012 showing success in both the performance & breeding show ring. Again, all of us at Thornridge are preparing AND anxiously awaiting the 2013 show season!!!! We have some special youngsters up our sleeve...............

Click here to view the Oldenburg/NA Breeders Journal

January 2013

Please click the links below to read about more press information about Phoebe's Heirloom and Whisper EFSH's great 2012 Devon placings!!! The news excerpt from the January 2013 issue of DRESSAGE TODAY is a near mirror image of what Eurodressage & most Breed Organizations posted immediately following DAD. The January 2013 issue of The Equiery is a lovely 2 page article recapping how "Maryland Entries Succeeded at Devon." In the Equiery, both Heirloom and Whisper are represented in photos. Thornridge is greatful for their great 2012 show season here is a "proud-Kenny-whistle" for another impressive year in the works. WELCOME 2013!!!!!

Click here to view the Dressage Today Article
Click here to view Page 1 of the Equiery Article
Click here to view Page 2 of the Equiery Article

March 29, 1994 - December 31, 2012

Phoebe, Claudia & Chuck rang in the year 2013 with a heavy heart due to the loss of Mozart on New Year's Eve. After a near 11 years together, Phoebe lost a piece of her heart the day that she had to let go of her dear friend. Mozart was a horse that came to Phoebe as a "really great lunger," (yup, he was a hot horse riders were fearful of) and he left here with an incredible history as a performance horse. In 2002, Mozart marks the FIRST horse that Phoebe purchased for herself; Phoebe believed in Mozart and he did not disappoint. This pair went on to successfully compete on the FL circuit at Third Level and train together at PSG. Mozart loved to ride, but was worried about show atmospheres, so the decision was made to sell him as a green-FEI, schoolmaster to a student. Mozart gave his new owner a wonderful 3 years of knowledge, at Thornridge, until his body could not provide any longer. Phoebe approached his new owner to suggest his kind retirement and offered to care for him for the rest of his days -- life without Mozart was just not an option!!! He had led such a pampered life, that all of us at Thornridge wondered if he would survive retirement and embrace life, just as a horse!! Well, he did retirement with a splash and lived his last few years basking in the largest grass field here, with buddies!!! We were in shock that he took so kindly to no shoes, no riding, and small group field turnout!! It helped that he was still pampered, coming in for a 4x weekly groom and/or bath with LOVE and ATTENTION. He was strong and happy, until New Years Eve, and we decided impaction surgery was not a kind option for him so we did everything possible to save him at home. When he came out of meds still painful, the decision was quickly made on quality of life. We had decided a few years before that, Mozart was never going to leave us and that he would never be lead to suffer just for our own happiness to have him. So, a grand memorial garden is getting planned and will be installed, for dear Mozart, in the spring of 2013. Mozart knew he was dearly loved by Phoebe, Claudia, and Chuck. Here are a few pictures of Mozart enjoying his well deserved retirement!! He was a KWPN superstar and did everything with a SPLASH (even his markings!), so please come ask Phoebe & Claudia about him. We have so many fun & quirky stories to share about our dear friend and talking about him brings a joy to us.....even though we will forever miss our GRAND friend, our dear Mozart.


Please click the link below to view a lovely article about Vinca and the success of his offspring in 2012. It is a full page write up from the Oldenburg Registry North America Newsletter, Issue No. 4, 2012. There are pictures of both Veronica & Heirloom representing his top youngsters of this past year.

Click here to view the OLD/NA Newsletter


Please enjoy the next 14 current news postings chronicling our SPECIAL 2012. Our journey started in Jan 2012 with an excursion to FL and it remained an incredibly busy show year. Every Thornridge rider/horse team accomplished their goals. Many riders ended their season showing a level higher then they started. Pictured here, is a photo of Thornridge riders at the MDA Banquet. Their great success earned Phoebe another Trainer of The Year award. But, it takes a village to accomplish everything that we did in 2012 -- so a huge thank you goes out to Claudia, Chuck, Fredy and all of our support system at Thornridge!!! Wonderful memories were made by all.......

Year End Wrap-up

WINNER of Filly 3 yo In Hand at VADA Breed Show, scores up to 81.1%
WINNER of MATERIALE MARE at VADA Breed Show, scores up to 79.1%
4th Place Filly 3YO In Hand at DRESSAGE AT DEVON, score of 80.2%!!
Look for Whisper & her new owner, ALI RIGGLE, to show undersaddle in 2013!!!!

Year End Wrap-up

This pair only competed in FL 2012:
They won almost all of their First Level Classes in the 4 shows they attended
Qualified for 2012 CBLM at First Level
Qualified for 2012 GAIG at First Level
Currently focused on training -- Currently solid Third Level

Year End Wrap-up

UNDEFEATED in all Second Level Classes Shown
Second Level scores into the Mid-70's at Recognized Shows
High Score Sr at MDA Finals Show with a 72%
5th Place in 2012 CBLM Second Level B Division
Qualified for 2013 CBLM at Second Level

Year End Wrap-up

Nearly undefeated in Florida 2012
12th Place MARKEL FINALS for 4YO
7th Place Adequan/USDF Material Horse of The Year
CHAMPION Adequan/USDF ALL BREEDS ISR/OLD-NA Material for 4&5 yo Mares
7th Place Adequan/USDF ALL BREEDS ISR/OLD-NA Training Level Open
Qualified for 2012 CBLM at Training Level
Qualified for 2012 GAIG Championship at Training Level
Also competed First Level at a few shows with great success

Year End Wrap-up

Claudia & Prince were in a similar boat as Loretta and Wally -- they spread out their tests at recognized shows. But, Prince & Claudia easily qualified for First Level GAIG many many multiple times with scores near 70%. In addition, they ended their 2012 season with with scores at Second Level 1 in the high 60's!!!

Congrats to this pair for a great presentation in your 2012 GAIG First Level Finals -- photos posted are from that superb test!!!!

Year End Wrap-up
GRAND CHAMPION CBLM Second Level Division A!!!!!

Competed in GAIG Championships -- just out of the awards ceremony, though
RESERVE CHAMPION Second Level at Dressage at Heavenly Waters
This pair started competing Third Level in the fall of 2012

Year End Wrap-up

Loretta really wanted to stay at First Level for all of 2012, but Phoebe & Claudia said, NO WAY, you can repeat First 2 again this year, but you need to test the waters and gain confidence at Second Level, too. This pair has all of the Second Level balance and movements in daily training, but just NEEDS showing mileage with one another. So, they competed First 2 & Second 1, all season with the knowledge that their was no awards available to them with this chosen test spread.

At their first recognized show in May 2012, Loretta easily qualified at First Level 2 for CBLM, but Phoebe & Claud still conceded that it was OK to spend the season with one "easy" test and one more "challenging" test," as Wally does, after all, change and fret in competition environments.

Fast forward to CBLM First Level Division A Championships: Loretta & Wally earned a super score to place then in the top third of their class, they were just barely out of the awards ceremony.....AND, the best news to report is that both Loretta & her husband Phil very clearly stated, multiple time, "This ISSSSS FUNNNNN!!!!"

Wally is going gang busters since Dec 2012, so the new phrase is....he just gave you your Christmas Present!!! High hopes for this pair that they can take 50% of their training into a showing atmosphere in 2013!!!! But, none the less, this is one FUN PAIR!!! Heck, Loretta joined Face Book within a day of Phoebe saying..."come-on we need to get into this century!" :)

Year End Wrap-up

BRONZE MEDAL for MDA Rider Achievement
RESERVE CHAMPION for MDA Third Level B Open Division
THIRD PLACE MDA Finals at Thrid Level Open B
Scott only showed at the last three MDA shows offered, and, yet, he still accomplished all of the above!!!!!!
Thornridge is please to report that Scott is "Having Fun, too!!!!"

Year End Wrap-up

(This is the first year that Jackie has competed recognized and her scores were earned by June)

GOLD MEDAL for MDA Rider Achievement
CHAMPION for MDA Musical Freestyle Open Division (rode 2nd Lvl)
SILVER MEDAL for MDA Rider Achievement
CHAMPION for MDA Third Level B Open Division
BRONZE MEDAL for Lifetime MDA Achievement
Jackie served as MDA President in 2012
Jackie shared/leased her mount all of the 2012 show season
FIFTH PLACE GAIG Second Level Musical Freestyle
FOURTH PLACE CBLM Second Level Musical Freestyle
Competed in CBLM Third Level A Division
CHAMPION UDSF/ALL BREEDS Friesian Sport Horse Registry at Second Level MFS
CHAMPION USF/ALL BREEDS Friesian Sport Horse Third Level
Jackie & Keely have already obtained GAIG Scores for Third Level 2013 Finals
And, the BEST news to report on Jackie is that, with, such a huge year, she has still kept her sanity!!!!!!

Year End Wrap-up

GOLD MEDAL for MDA Rider Achievement
CHAMPION for MDA Second Level A Young Rider Division
HIGH SCORE YR of MDA Tranquility Show
Qualified for CBLM Finals Second Level YR (but mount had rider conflict)
Made a successful move from 2011 Tr Lvl into 2012 Second Lvl -- WOW!!!!!!!
Amazing Groom all season for her mount's owner, Jackie
Equally as helpful to ALL Thornridge Competitors
Huge amount of volunteer effort to the MDA
Ali comes with a SUPER FUN Mom!!
Look for Ali to be competing her new horse, Whisper EFSH, in 2013!!!!

Year End Wrap-up

MDA GOLD for Rider Achievement
CHAMPION for MDA Training Level B Young Rider Division
BRONZE MDA Volunteer Award
CHAMPION for MDA FINALS in Training Level YR Division
HIGH SCORE YR at MDA Petticoats Show
HIGH SCORE YR at MDA Ships Quarters Show
HIGH SCORE YR at MDA Finals Show
MDA YR Vice President Position
Competed in CBLM Training Level YR on Youngest Horse in Class
Already Qualified for Training Level GAIG Finals 2013
Began Showing First Level with HIGH SCORES in Fall of 2012
Lizzy is mostly responsible for the quick ThornridgeManor You Tube postings in 2012
Lizzy is amazingly helpful to everyone at every show that Thornridge attends
Lizzy helped us handle our 2012 foals at every show and inspection attended
This is one exceptional young lady -- and, not just for her riding talent -- thank you, Lizzy!!!

Year End Wrap-up

GOLD MEDAL for MDA Rider Achievement
CHAMPION for Intro B Open Division
Claudia received the only 2012 President's Unsung Hero Award
Claudia was elected as the Vice President of MDA in Nov 2012

Year End Wrap-up

SILVER MEDAL for MDA Rider Achievement
CHAMPION for MDA Intro Young Horse Division
THIRD PLACE for MDA Intro Level A Open Division
MDA Bronze Volunteer Award
Look for Suzanne to show her new horse, Whimsy, in 2013

Year End Wrap-up

GOLD MEDAL for MDA Rider Achievement
CHAMPION for MDA Intro Young Horse Division
This pair competed in one Recognized Show -- Material for 3YO & Training Level
Look for Amanda to compete her new horse, Indie, in 2013.
Look for Linda Elliott to compete her new horse, Do I Dazzle You, in 2013

November 18, 2012

We always love to host this informal show for MDA and look forward to seeing costumes presented!! This year we had 10 Thornridge Residents ride and 4 trailer-in students compete, too. Everyone did a really super job and there were multiple high percentages that everyone earned. So, here are some of our special highlights that certainly deserve mentioning:

Phoebe & Dressed To Kill: Baby Calvin was awesome for his first show. He had only been ridden in the outdoor 2 times before the show and he handled it like a champ. We have big plans for Calvin in 2013!!!

Claudia & Whimsy -- Looked dapper in lavender and had awesome canter work!!!!

Lizzy & Dreamy: Were HIGH SCORE YR of the day (again!!!). They sported a tie-died ensemble for the show.

Linda & Do I Dazzle You: Competed at their first show together. They has a nifty be-dazzled western costume -- fun fun!!!! Amanda also rode "Dazzle" in a few classes.

Olivia & Canadian Kidd: Competed at their first show together. They sported a creative Canadian theme costume!!

Bev & Prophecy: Rode at their only show together this year and boy, was it fun to watch them.

Jackie: Was joined by her daughter and grandson in a combined Ravens-Devil costume. Great family!!! In addition to Jackie, Ali also competed Keely.

Suzanne: Turned Country Bumpkin into a Country Pumpkin -- she was the hit of the costume class!!!!

Chocolate Princess: Angie was excited that Amanda would show her mare for the first time all year. Angie has been getting physical therapy for her hip -- get well wishes still come your way.

Scott: Was the only rider to compete in 3 classes -- good thing Freeby is a TB!!! We are pleased that Scott has caught the showing-bug again this year.

Ashlan & Sierra: Conquered their first show together and looked very sleek and nerve-free!!!

Tiffany & Ice: Cantered at their first show together. Well done, we might, add!!!! That's a big 3 yo to keep balanced.

Michelle: Well, she got a small taste of what it means to own a red-head. Super sportsmanship was shown!!

November 2012
Has Been a Month Full of Clinics

Nov 8-10: Phoebe had the most wonderful time learning, catching up with old friends and meeting new friends at the Young Horse Trainer's Symposium. Thank you to Hassler Dressage & Harmony Sporthorses for their sponsorship of this amazing experience.

Nov 11: Phoebe rode Wallstreet Prince at an Ulf Moeller Young Horse Clinic hosted by Team Engaged & Goodness Ridge Farm.

Nov 25: Phoebe rode Dressed To Kill (pictured below) at an Eugene Abello Clinic hosted by Final Decision Farm. Calvin is only 3 years old and it was his first experience to be ridden off of our farm. We are so trilled to report that Eugene raved about Calvin and that he could not believe he was only 3!!! Calvin has been going super well undersaddle --- he is a very happy baby. And, he could not have been better behaved in every way at the clinic. Goooo Calvin!!!!

November 7, 2012
American Warmblood Registry
Inspection at Flying Lion Farm -- Florida

Phoebe tried desperately to attend this AWR Inspection, but a round travel trip to FL was not possible in the schedule this week. We are pleased to report that past Thornridge Sale horse, FOX TROT received Second Premium and that Flying Lion Farm's stallion, LeAndros (by LeSanto) was awarded First Premium at Stallion Licensing!!!! Although Foxy was a super competition horse here at Thornridge, her ability to get registered as a bit of an unknown due to some unknown bloodlines. Her AWR approval has made it possible for her first foal, 2012 Lovin' Life to get registered as well. Lovin' Life is the very adorable black foal in the pictures below. He received a score of 7.1 to be awarded First Premium!!!! We thank Juliana for the news report and for taking such exceptional care of Foxy!!!

November 2-4, 2012

The weekend before the championships, was Superstorm Sandy. The farm lost power until about 12 hours before we were destined to depart for NC. Chuck felt it best to remain at the farm and continue with clean up, so Phoebe was the official bus driver for our 3 horses attending. Sandy left some cold weather in her wake and the temps in NC were certainly unforgiving!! Once at the the show we unloaded and organized and rode quickly. We made a pact not to share with Chuck that we never hung the banner or the rats -- as we always call this his official job. But, Phoebe could not help but tell him -- he got a kick out of our all missing him and Gopher the whole weekend!!!! Chuck kept calling non-stop as he hated to be left out -- he said the show grounds sounded user-friendly and wants for us to make 2013 March Magic our first big show out next year.

Suzanne & Brisk: Had a very respectable test for the GAIG SECOND LEVEL CHAMPS, but they still placed out of the ribbons with a 61.48%. Brisk was really spooky during his outdoor rides as well, so they muddled their way thru Third Level, too. Remembering correctly, this is how they started into both First & Second Level, too -- and still ended up qualified for all champs and still took home a grand champ ride. Now we look forward to 2013!

Jackie & Keely: Poor Jackie had a nightmare happen in her GAIG SECOND LEVEL MFS CHAMPS -- there was musical technical difficulties and her music just stopped playing. She waited, as a very good sport, for music to resume and to take her spot again where judging left off. Judge at C was very gracious in her communication, but asked Jackie later if she ever did a 10 M canter circle because she did not see it. I guess Judge at B saw circle because there was an 11% point spread between the two judges!!! Needless to say, Jackie was a great sport and she has come a long way because if this had happened in the spring, she would have been un-nerved and unable to find her focus again. The pair still placed 5th with a 59.6% in the Championship Class. They also received a 60.2% at Third-3, giving them one Q score for Gaig 2013 and the green light to get a Third Level MFS rolling this winter.

Claudia & Prince: Prince was a total nerd for his class on Sat -- he was completely scared of something off in the distance in he woods. We have his ride on video and counted that he had a full 53 seconds of backing -- the judge was very kind to still score the ninny with a 61.7% -- what a fool he can be at times!!! But, but Sun, the pair went in to their GAIG FIRST LEVEL CHAMPS and performed the best test that they have ever had!!! Unfortunately, for them, the judges saw the test very differently as there was a 10% point spread in their scoring. After the test, Phoebe said that test would score a 68% and be in the awards. Well, one judge agreed and the other judge scored her dead-last in the class -- was that judge blind!!! These are the moments that our chosen sport of dressage can be so tough to stomach.....Claudia showed true sportsmanship all the way, though -- she knows her kid is fancy!!

The Siblings: One of the most thrilling moments for Claudia & Phoebe was to watch and to to connect with 3 other owners of the Wallstreet Kid/Davignette match. Prince had 3 full siblings showing at the Gaig Champs!! We all adore breeder, Pat Limage, so we gathered together to get a sibling photograph to send her. We are happy to report that she LOVED the photo!!!

Great Memories Were Made

Well, we found another super Mexican Restaurant and took advantage of celebrating Suzanne's GRAND CHAMPION SECOND LEVEL Division A. As you can see from the picture below, Suzanne started celebrating well before our arrival to the eatery -- she was a complete hoot!!! Loretta decided (remember that Dunmovin soon to turn inside joke?) that she "WAS HAVING FUN!!" All of us from Thornridge were a bit loud and cheerful that evening, so Phoebe put Chuck up to a late evening task. He taped up Suzanne's hotel room door so that when she woke up on the morning she would get a grand ole' shocker!! Ah, what fun times were had by all!!

We were thrilled to have Loretta's husband, Phil, join us -- usually he comes to Foxcroft, but there was NO Foxcroft this year. And, Phoebe & Gopher anxiously awaited the doggie costume class on Sat nite. We were done showing and ready to head home, but Phoebs said no way, Gopher deserves his fun-time, too. He is a super good dog to go to all the shows with us and hang out in his cage quietly. Even though he gets his least amount of attention at a show, he thrives on running to the truck when we are all packed up -- he never wants to get left behind!

We had a wonderful time catching up with friends that we do not run into at every show. Most especially, it was a treat to hang out with Carolyn and Paul. They are like family to us as Paul is best friends with Chuck's Godfather. We were also able to toast a birthday wish to Paul at the show. And, that young rider, Evan, he is going to be a rider to contend with in dressage -- he is Phoebe's new best-buddy!! As always, in addition to seeing old friends we made many new ones as well.

On the subject of family: A huge THANK YOU IS NEEDED FOR CLAUDIA & CHUCK!! These two were amazing grooms, videoagraphers, photographers,coaches and drivers. We all had many overlapping rides and there was never a rider/test from our group that went off without a support team.

Life can only be enriched by the people (and, well, maybe the horses and dogs) we surround ourselves with. How lucky all of Thornridge is to have each other!! Please enjoy the next current news posting of our rides at the BLM Championships. Although Suzanne was the CHAMPION, we were all winners...............

October 18-20, 2012

This was a full 2 1/2 days of practice and showing for all of us. The great news is that everyone did an outstanding job at the show. But, the best news of all is that Suzanne found Thornridge a new rat and has officially name him "The Colonel." Here are some highlights from our experience:

  • Suzanne & Brisk: They were CBLM GRAND CHAMPION SECOND LEVEL Division A, scoring a 66.25%, out of 25 riders!!! Additionally, they scored a 58% to take home second place in Third-2.

  • Phoebe & Prince: They received 5th PLACE CBLM SECOND LEVEL Division B, scoring a 67.1%, out of 22 riders!! Prince was one of the youngest horses in the awards ceremony and class, for that matter. They only rode one more class for the show -- Winning Second-2, on Sat, with a 68%. This pair completes their show season being undefeated at Second Level Open Classes!!!

  • Jackie & Keely: Competed in CBLM THIRD LEVEL Division A, but they really shinned in their MFS. They placed 4th in CBLM SECOND LEVEL MFS with a score of 63.9%.

  • Lizzy & Dreamy: Made a successful debut at recognized shows into First Level. They took home ribbons in both big Training Level 3 classes, with GAIG qualification. But, their nerves came out in their CBLM TRAINING LEVEL YR class, so they were just out of the awards ceremony.

  • Loretta & Wally: Were a competent pair at Second 1. And, they placed 14th out of 32 in their CBLM FIRST LEVEL Division A, with a 63.9%. Truly, this was Loretta's best show scores to date and we are so proud of her!! She said she was "Having FUN!"

October 13, 2012
MAHB Hosted American Hanoverian Society

Chuck and Phoebe were able to get into the AHS Inspection just the week before -- It was a last minute decision to take Whisper EFSH down and get her mare inspection. She was truly a wonderful youngster from the start to the finish of the day. Chuck did an amazing job handling her and Phoebe did the never ending walk tour at the end. Whisper was placed into the main book with a final score of 7.16. We were please with the score and hope that she will see a MPT in her future. This mare certainly is of elite quality! We did not purchase pictures from the inspection, so we included a few here from her 3 yo class tour at Devon a few weeks ago.


Madeline bought Drummer Boy from us just a little over a year ago. To say that they have been extremely successful in Drummer's first show season as a 4YO would be an understatement!!!! We love to hear how our past sales horses are doing, so please keep the reports coming in. Here are a few email updates that Phoebe has received from Madeline recently:

  • June 27 -- "Drummer is doing well. He was in his first mini-trial on Sunday and won! He looks the same but bigger."

  • July 7 --"Drummer won 4yo young event horse at South Farm."

  • Aug 13 -- "I entered Drummer in a recognized dressage show and it was a lot harder then I remember years ago when I was in one. I usually only show in usea or schooling shows so I had a lot of red tape to complete at the show. It was worth it, though as he was HIGH POINT TRAINING LEVEL HORSE. He had a 73.6%, 71.4%, 70%, and a 62% because he was getting tired. He is in an event in Indiana this weekend."

  • August 20 -- "Drummer had another incredible show at The Hoosier Horse Park this past weekend. He won The Starter Division by over 11pts. He scored a 24% in dressage. Last Wednesday I got a surprise in the mail from the recognized show that he did so well. It was a great big GRAND CHAMPION Ribbon. He was HIGH SCORE HANOVERIAN of the entire show!!! This all seems so incredible to me that he is winning all these things and with such great scores!"

  • September 3 -- "Drummer won Baby Novice at South Farm this weekend."

  • October 1 -- "Drummer just did his second Baby Novice USEA at Kentucky Horse Park. He got a 26.2% in dressage. There were 22 horses in his class and he WON AGAIN!!! He is a superstar!!"

  • October 7 -- "You probably wont be surprised to hear that Drummer won the flat and over 3 ft fences to be CHAMPION GREEN HUNTER at The Camargo Hunter Trails this past weekend!!"

  • October 10 -- "I wish we lived closer to you so we could be involved with your farm. People are always asking me where I got Drummer Boy from and I always recommend you highly."

October 7, 2012
MDA Finals

In addition to taking both of our trailers we also had students that met us at this Finals Show. Unfortunately, the weather was quite unseasonably cold and it rained for most of the day, but we all had a very successful show!!! Thornridge was represented by: Ali & Keely, Jackie & Keely, Lizzy & Dreamy, Suzanne & Country, Loretta & Wally, Michelle & Red Amorina, Scott & Freeby, Claudia & Whimsy, and Phoebe & Prince. Everyone scored exceptionally well in their classes, so here is a brief overview of the day's highlights:




Lizzy & Dreamy: GRAND CHAMPION TRAINING LEVEL YR and HIGH SCORE YR of the day and made debut into FIRST LEVEL

Phoebe & Prince: HIGH SCORE SR of day with a 72% at SECOND LEVEL-2


Within a day of Heirloom's GRAND CHAMPION East Coast For Foals, EURODRESSAGE had his win posted. Not long after their posting, most Breed Organizations and National Dressage Sites followed suit. But, most notable is the Vinca's News Release on ISR-OLDENBURG/NA that has all of Heirloom's wins and a few photos posted. This breed organization is also working on an article that will go into print for their next newsletter.

September 25-28, 2012
Breed & Performance Divisions

This year marks our fourth trip to the DAD Breed Show. Although every horse that we have competed has qualified and competed in the East Coast Championships, this year was certainly our most remarkable to date!!! Many of Phoebe & Chuck's friends were anxiously awaiting the revealing of Heirloom and came on Tuesday to watch him and all of our horses to compete: The Spencer Family, The Stark-Riggle Family, Diane Vickery, Claudia & Lizzy & Charlotte, and Julianna & Kim came all the way from FL to support us!!! We are very fortunate to be surrounded by so many wonderful friends -- Thank you!! We also enjoyed our time with Ginger and her Flower Farm friends as well. Congrats to Don for handling the boys to incredible wins on Tuesday. Congrats to Wanja for his presentation of Whisper. In addition to this short summary of DAD below, please look at our Blog that has many pictures and more detail posted.........

WHISPER EFSH: Our mare placed 4th in her very large and competitive 3YO Age Class with a 80.2%. She then went on to earn a 10th place finish in the huge 3 YO Material Mare Class. She also competed under the light if the Dixon Oval in the East Coast Finals for Fillies. We are very pleased with the start undersaddle that Wanja has given her and we anxiously await her return to Thornridge next week. Now that the show season is winding down, Phoebe will continue her training and begin to actively market her for sale.

HEIRLOOM: Aka "The Great Tomato!" continued to keep Tuesdays scores into the 80's!!! He placed 2nd in his 2012 Age Group Class with an 80%. He then went on to win GRAND CHAMPION EAST COAST FINALS For FOALS!!!! Phoebe ran him for his Thursday class. He WON his IBC ISR-OLD/NA Class with a 78%, one of the highest scores received by that judge!!! Phoebe had so much having the opportunity to spend a few days of quality time with Tomato and anxiously awaits his planned weaning and arrival to Thornridge next week. Tomato is special not just because he is Veronica's full sibling, but because he is wonderful himself!! His success brought a lot of emotion to DAD for all of us -- and, the good news is that he finally got a score :).

VERONICA: Veronica and Phoebe rode the 4YO Class together for the last outing of the show season. She was very overwhelmed by the electric environment on Thursday but returned on Friday to have a perfectly smooth test with her normal ride ability-level. Veronica still remains a sale horse for her breeder and someone out there is going to be one lucky rider when they scoop up this once-in-a-lifetime mare. She has had an outstanding 2012 show record and has so much future potential in the young horse classes and into the FEI ring.

FIORELLO: It was nifty to get to know "Jack" better. He is the 2 yo full sibling of Veronica and Heirloom. Jack also showed exceptionally well. He placed 3rd in his 2 YO Age Group with a 78.6%. He ten went on to win RESERVE CHAMPION EAST COAST FINALS For Colts/Geldings. Jack is owned by his breeder, Ginger Parker of Flower Farm and is for sale.

WALLSTREET ROMANCE: It has been over a year since we have seen Romy. She is located with breeder Chris Krompf in NY. Romy did it again -- she has produced another exciting foal, Rialto HHF. Thanks for taking such great care of her, Chris. This beautiful foal is for sale, too.

September 19, 2012
Dressage at Dunmovin

This was a new show venue for us to attend. Phoebe had judged there earlier in the year at their first recognized show and thought that it was a really nice facility to take some horses and compete. The trip is 4 hour round trip for us. The last thing that we expected was to have a 9am ride and a 6:50 pm ride, so the day was brutally long for all of us!!! We had fun hanging out all day together, but geeze we were tired once we got home. Loretta coined a new term that will remain as an inside joke to all of us -- "This is not fun." Wally was a little stiff in warm-up and she stopped and looked at us and said just that -- giggles of course is the only reaction she got from us!!!

Jackie & Keely: Had some nerves in their Third-3 ride so ended up going off course 3 times and were eliminated. But, they rallied for their Second level MFS, placing third and qualifying for the GAIG Champs.

Suzanne & Brisk: Got their feet wet at Third Level. Suzanne had not even practiced Third-2, so quickly she learned the test between her two rides. She did a superb job pulling it off, even if Brisk was spooked by the unusual judges stage set-up.

Loretta & Wally: Struggled with some stiffness caused by Wally's insecurity in the indoor competition set up -- he too, was not overly thrilled by the stage at 'C'. But, they both needed more time in the ring to work out how to ride Wally thru his looky-self, prior to heading to BLM Champs.

Claudia & Prince: Have found their groove at First Level-3 for sure and are totally prepared to head to GAIG Champs. Phoebe was very proud of the two for balancing a huge trot gait in they just need to keep that in the show ring. They placed 3rd in a very competitive class with a 65.3%.

Phoebe: Enjoyed walking the property and area during our down time and was able to get some great photography. She has been working on a farm building and spring-home series and was able to capture a few unique shots from the area.

September 16, 2012
MDA Schooling Show
Tranquility Manor Farm

Our day could not have been better. Although there was lots of first places and high scores to be had, we were most importantly reflective of where our last year has taken us. The Tranquility Show has show all of us at Thornridge that we are FORWARD-THINKERS.

Claudia & Whimsy: We were very thrilled to be debuting Suzanne's Andulusian for the first time! He arrived from FL in late March of this year and is proving himself to be the perfect riding match for his owner. However, he needed to get to a show so that we could see how he managed under pressure. He was perfectly well behaved and easy to handle and ride in every way -- he just internalizes and gets a bit short in the neck and behind the vertical. Claud and I say...."no problem" this will actually show ease for Suzanne to ride a horse on the bit. What a perfect boy Whimsy was and we were thrilled with his Intro scores up to 64%!!!! Yes, Whimsy was the find to be had, this year!!!!

Lizzy & Dreamy: Well, it was just exactly one year ago that Claudia & Phoebe were thrilled that this pair picked up the correct lead and sustained it for a quarter of a circle -- this occurred at Tranquility September show in 2011. WOW -- how far this young rider and her still young mount (5 YO) have come in just one year!!!! They scored at 69.3 at Tr2 & a whopping 70.29% at Tr3!!!! They were inched out of high score young rider for the day by only .5%pts -- We would like to express our WOW!!! So proud of this pair!!!

Loretta & Wally: Knowing that BLM Finals was right around the corner, Phoebe suggested getting Wally exposed to as much as possible before their BIG 2012 Show. So, September was certainly a busy month for the pair. Ships, 2 weeks ago, was a milestone for the pair as they found their GO-Button together, but they were not too sure what to do with it! Wally still had a forward feel today and Loretta was more confident how to go with the flow of the goooo. They scored a 65.5% at First 2 (level chosen because they need to be ready for BLM) and a 67.4% at Second 1 (level chosen because Phoebe insists that they are ready for second!)!!!!! A great job to be had by THE BROWN TEAM!!!!!

Scott & Freeby: It has been near a year that this pair has shown at all. Scott is a true champ, as there are very few riders that believe and stick with their horse as Scott has. Phoebe has continued to encourage them over the last year as she loves the loyalty that the pair displays to each other. Freeby was just that -- a free OTT-TB that has found new life. He is the MOST PRIMPED on creature that Thornridge has ever seen. He is the most kind horse ever....even though he only chooses/allows for one person, Phoebe to rub his right ear -- heck, we are buddies by now!!! The whole day was worth seeing Scott excited from his score and second place finish of 62.2% at 3rd-2. Our hope is that Scott has found some re-newed interest in showing, if only for the sheer fun of hanging out with us.

Jackie & Keely: It has been exactly a year since Jackie brought Kelly to Thornridge -- and, WOW, to look back on their last years success is just mind-boggling!!! A year ago, they were striving for quality First Level trot lengthening, and, today, they successfully showed Third-3 with a win and score of 64%!!!! Just an awesome year it has been -- I'd say we smashed Jackie's, crumpled-up, hand written, January 1, 2012, three page goal list, and we all did it in style and having together!!! WOW AGAIN!!!!

Ali & Keely: In addition to Jackie's accomplishments on Keely this past year, Ali has been half-leasing Keely and competing at both schooling and recognized shows. Keely is an amazing horse that has taken Ali from a good Training Level rider in 2011 into a competitive Second Level competitor in 2012 -- WOW AGAIN & AGAIN!!! This pair rocked Second-1 with a win and 69%. They also inched Lizzy out of HIGH SCORE YOUNG RIDER at SECOND-2 WITH A 70.7%!!!!! Thornridge was pleased to keep the award "in the family." Both Ali & Lizzy have become great friends and supporters of each other over the last three years and it makes all of Thornridge's hearts smile. CONGRATS to Ali on her shine today & to both of these young-stars for their sportsmanship they show with each other.

In Loving Memory Of
April 11, 2012 - September 7, 2012

It comes with great sorrow from all of Thornridge that we have to report the passing of the golden-filly, Kat. This spring has come alive for Thornridge with our two Soprano fillies and we have all enjoyed them immensely. The last thing that we ever expected was to morn the loss of one of them. But, we celebrate Kat's life and will remember her fondly.

Kat is the not just a first foal for her owner, Suzanne Veltri, but also for her dam, Reminisce. She was a spunky filly and at her first breed show she was Grand Champion Foal for the day, with the highest score awarded all day to any age. Win or lose, Suzanne, Claudia & Phoebe loved her all the same. Remmy was a wonderful maiden mare and we are happy to report that she has handled her foal's loss in class. Kat's human moms, Suzanne, Claud and Phoebs will certainly grieve longer.

Kat was always bright and playful, and she exhibited theses traits on Sept 6. But, when Claud brought her in from the field, she planted her feet mid-way to the barn and started shaking, almost neurological. Within seconds a call was made to our vet and Phoebe called Chuck at the house to tell him to hook up the trailer because we were going to need to get to NBC. The truck and trailer was ready even before the vet arrived -- he took blood and rushed off to run it -- Phoebe said call us with results as we are leaving NOW!!! Kat's temp had spiked to an outrageous high quickly -- certainly that was not a good sign for her internally. Suzanne was out of the state on travel, but Phoebe knew how to proceed with her horses. At the end of the day, We were all in communication with NBC vets to treat Kat as aggressively as possible. But, to no avail, she succumbed naturally, beside her moma, less then 12 hours later. Autopsy report revealed that Kat had serious immune and digestive deficiencies that ultimately caused a tear in her colon, near the diaphragm. NBC was shocked that she survived a near full 5 months -- they have never seen a foal live with this compromise past 1 month. Although informative, none of this makes her loss easier to bear. But, Suzanne, Claudia & Phoebe find peace in that maybe the protection and love we showered upon Kat extended her life beyond the normal expectancy. Well, at least that thought makes us feel better. What a very sad time this is for all of Thornridge..................

September 2, 2012
MDA Schooling Show
Ships Quarters

Fall seems to be the time for everyone, here at Thornridge, to start feeling the pressure. There were a few things that happened at this show that illustrates the pressures to be had, or, well, the inside jokes to ensue and carry us thru the rest of the still busy show season upon us......

The early am travel-experience-explanation: We have all traveled to Ships multiple times together, but once on the road, none of us could remember if we needed to take rt 27 or rt 97....yep, we chose wrong. So, Claud tells Phoebe that there was a huge parking lot with a round-about where we could get back onto the road easily. Phoebe took that turn, went around the parking lot and stopped dead -- OMG, the parking lot ended -- there was no other option other then to OFF-ROAD with the 4-horse trailer and turn around -- we were nearly late as it was!!! So, Phoebe carefully navigated thru nice landscaping of a particular business, did a 180 in the grass on the other side -- never touched a planting on the return out -- and got to the show only 10 mins later then we had hoped for -- but, we had been totally cutting it close anyway!!!!! The variations of this off roading experience keep getting more grandiose per the sharing....haha!!!!

The next exciting news is that we opened up a one-stop-shop for new/barely used clothes at this show -- it was truly comical and yet trilling that there were takers to buy the clothes that no longer fit us, for whatever excuse!! At the end of the day, Phoebe sold an unused Somner double bridle off to the highest bidder and donated the funds to the MDA Young Riders -- yeah, success!!!

We all had a blast hanging out together and keeping a close eye on our "store-front!"

Suzanne & Country: Well, this pair told Phoebe & Claud that they needed to score at least a 62% to up their average for the year.....OMG, they certainly did that with a 62.8% & a 65%!!!! It truly had nothing to do with us, but possibly the judge had some am coffee to keep her happy. Hey, whatever works!!!!

Jackie & Keely: Performed their 2nd Lvl MFS to earn a 68.5%. God Love Jackie as she was cutting our arrival close any way and after off-roading we were a bit late. Jackie was double-timing as the entry secretary, organizer, and had the first ride. So, once we arrived, Claud hopped to getting a car ready to blast the music -- stressful times!!! This pair also earned a 64% at Third-2. Jack, we are just sorry you missed the travel-fun!!!

Ali & Keely: Felt their way thru a Second-2 Test. Ali has been the only YR in the MDA this 2012 to even ride 2nd-level!!!

Lizzy & Dreamy:Rode Tr 2 & 3 with scores up to 66.6%. Not surprisingly, they were awarded HIGH SCORE YOUNG RIDER for the show -- they are rocking it!!!!!

Loretta & Wally: Well, Wally certainly was energetic for his ride and Claud and Phoebe were thrilled -- however, Loretta came out of the ring and said, I have no idea how to ride the horse that was under me! She usually needs to create rather then balance the energy that Wally offers -- OMG, milestones do happen -- yeah!!! Even though there was an unexpected learning curve to be had, this pair still scored 62.4% at First 2.

Michelle & McKenna: This pair spent the summer months as Thornridge residents training with Phoebe. Mckenna is one of Phoebe's favorite red-head fillies!!! So, after a month at home finding their way together, the pair certainly did a great job: Taking first place at Tr 2 with a 65%. This score represented a lead of 6% points over second place. Great job!!

Hannah & Alex: This pair has been traveling 2 hours (one way) to come take lessons with Phoebe all summer. The pony club pair was prepping for their National Rally in Sept. Hannah is just the most lovely young rider and Alex is an incredibly talented off the track TB. He was a bit nervous at the show so Phoebe was able to make an evaluation of the pair during an off-the-farm experience. Even though their scores were lower then expected, they still managed to pull wins at both First 1 & 2 YR. Great Job!!!


Chuck & Phoebe are always game for new experiences and for travel. Neither one of us had ever experienced Chicago -- so, thank you to Ginger & Family for showing us around the city. Ginger was originally from Chicago, so she knew the city well -- she just never imagined that what should only be a 45 min drive, took 2+ hours in city traffic!!! The city is amazing in that it has a beach right on the lake. We learned allot about the city's history while in the Hancock Building -- it was once the tallest building of the world. We ate at the Original Pancake House -- up this is where all modern day I-Hops got their inspiration from!!! We went to Macy's and bought Frango Chocolates to bring home to our friends and family! But, mostly, we soaked up the fine architecture of the city -- The Water Works Building was our favorite -- after that, we learned this was the only structure left standing after the huge city fire that demolished the city a century ago -- of course, we would navigate to history -- this building is an antique of sorts, we suppose!!!

Also, while at lamplight, we pre-organized a visit with Phoebe's Dad's side of the family. Thursday evening was truly one of the most special moments of the trip as Phoebe got to see family that she has not seen for 18 years!!! That long of a time frame means that Chuck has never gotten to meet anyone on my Dad's side of the family. We cannot express in words what this visit meant to both of us!!! Phoebe's cousin, Katie, lives only 1 hour away from Lamplight and Phoebe's Uncle & Aunt traveled 7 hours to come meet us for dinner -- wow, now that is family at it's best!!! Of course, my cousin's daughters were just enthralled that I had a horse -- and, Gopher, certainly made a huge splash with the kid's, too. JUST AN AWESOME TIME TO BE HAD!!!!! Phoebe & Chuck intend to keep in touch and get together at least once a year -- we see a visit to the family's Minnesota Lake House in our 2013 excursion planning!!!

August 21-27, 2012
2012 MARKEL/USEF National Young Horse Dressage Championships
Dressage at Lamplight -- Wayne, IL

There is something to say about believing in your horse: From my first ride on Veronica, I knew she had what it took to make to the 4YO USEF/Markel Finals!!!! It was a long and trying qualifying period, wrought with many politics, so once we got to Lamplight, Phoebe and Veronica took a deep breath and there were absolutely no nerves to be had -- we trusted in each other!!! Our depart, 14 hour transport, and arrival all happened on Tuesday. On Wednesday, we hand walked the show grounds, did a schooling ride, jogged in style and then posed for many conformation and personality shots. On Thurs, we competed in the 4 YO Warm-Up class -- it was absolutely our best test to date -- Veronica was beyond perfect. On Friday, Veronica got a well deserved day off and Phoebe & Chuck met up with her owner, Ginger, in Chicago and got the tour of the city. As Phoebe walked her feet off, miss V napped the day away. On Saturday, we competed in the 4 YO Finals, securing a 12th place finish. Truly, we could not have expected more out of this exceptional 4 yo baby-mare -- she certainly rose to the occasion in every way.

This 2012 Young Horse Finals is special not to for just Veronica's accomplishments but to many more. It is the first time that Phoebe tried to qualify a young horse and it is the first time that Ginger has had a horse from her breeding program try to qualify. So, let's all hoot and holler in excitement for TEAM VERONICA!!!!!!

This is only a small sampling of photographs that Chuck took at Lamplight -- it reflects only a tiny portion of our experience there. So, please, look on Phoebe's Blog for more detailed info and join us on ThornridgeManor Face Book Page for the availability to view a 100+ photos of our experience.

And now, let us all get excited with the possibility of Calvin 2013 at the Finals....possibly even more horses. Phoebe & Thornridge has caught the fever!!!!

August 18, 2012
at Hilltop Farm

I wish we had more pictures of this inspection, but Phoebe & Chuck were the handlers for this inspection. Claudia's mare, R.Star was presented to the ISR and was placed in the main mare book. Star's foal, Atty received a 7.9 -- a great score to be had in a full day of presentations and only a very few foals receiving a score of premium. It was fun to see Claudia actually nervous at an inspection/breed show for once, as that is usually Phoebe's role for the day!!! Both of could not be more thrilled about Star's acceptance and Atty's great score!!!

Phoebe's Heirloom was presented as well: The "Tomato" looked to be strutting his stuff on the few trot strides that he took -- he does, after all love to canter and JUMP! But, one of the judges spoke to Phoebe in the center of the ring and suggested that he kept breaking into he canter because he was off in a hind limb. So, jointly, the decision was made to not score him that day, as the score would not reflect his true quality, but rather to send him home with his papers and brand. Well, folks, certainly Phoebe was anticipatory for a great score and the day ended up being a bit of a disappointment. She knew that he been a bit stubborn to load at the breeders and that his trip was not easy -- that little rotten vegetable actually has a flaw!!! But, he loaded, departed and traveled home like a well seasoned show star -- just no score. And, two days later, he was treated for a hind foot abscess -- go figure!!!! Well, it looks like we will all be digging our fingernails into our palms to see how he scores at his only slated 2012 show -- Dressage at Devon. Phoebe's goal is for her foal to just get scored (she thinks Tomato deserves a great score, but could be bias) -- LOL!!!!

In any case, Phoebe, Chuck, Claudia, Lizzy, Ginger, Jake and Erin all had fun together. Thanks to all of our friends for their support -- it takes a village to get to inspections and breed shows!!!!

August 11, 2012 --- VADA/Nova Breed Show I
August 12, 2012 --- VADA/Nova Breed Show II

We have been anxiously awaiting this show. Both Soprano fillies and Thornridge's Whisper EFSH attended. Unfortunately, Kat showed up with a swollen hind leg and we decided to scratch her from the weekend. Both gals did an amazing job and are proving themselves to be quite the show-stars of the future!!!!! Pictures provided below are from Pics Of You -- we were too busy to be able to shoot ourselves.

Claudia's filly Suitable Attire took home in a second place finish for the Filly of 2012 age group. It ended up being quite the family affair as Alain Scheut, Soprano's owner was at the show, and he offered to handle "Atty" for us. Alain was very impressed by Atty and it certainly was wonderful to see a stallion owner want to be so involved with his clients!!! Thanks Alain!

Whisper EFSH showed an outstanding performance, and was nearly undefeated, at her FIRST HORSE SHOW EVER:
  • 1st Place -- Filly 3 YO In Hand on Sat -- 77.0%
  • 1st Place -- Material Mare on Sat -- 76.3%
  • 2nd Place -- Suitable To Become a Dressage Horse on Sat
  • 1st Place -- Filly 3 YO In Hand on Sun -- 81.1%
  • 1st Place -- Material Mare on Sun -- 79.1%
  • 1st Place -- Suitable to Become a Dressage Horse on Sun
  • Reserve Champion Filly GAIG/USDFBC Qualifier on Sun

August 8, 2012

Phoebe & Prince: This pair started off the day with a Second Level 2 win. They scored a 72.8% at their second show together. Again, Phoebe kept getting questioned about Prince's availability for sale -- NOPE was the answer!!!

Claudia & Prince: After BG II, we were thrilled this pair got the sores at Second Level 1 that they deserve -- a third place finish with a 66.1%!!!

Phoebe & Veronica: Showed a great test at First 2 and well, got robbed!! The judge was making some odd comments at the end of the test and Phoebe just kept a smile on her face. However, once, home, Phoebe felt it really inappropriate that there was only comments for 1/3 of the test -- that is just not OK when there was a super test presented and it only scored at 62.4%. Hmmmm....will deal with that poor judging at a later date!!!!

Suzanne & Brisk: Continued to score in the low 60's for Second Level 2&3, but no worries as the pair is making huge progress at home and will be ready to shine at the Championships later this fall!!!

Loretta & Wally: Loretta has not been too pleased with inching up at shows into Second Level, but Phoebe knows that the shoulder-ins are actually quite more correct then their LY!! Yeah -- Second Level proved to be a huge success for the pair, as they scored 7% points higher at the higher level...woohoo!!!

Keely: This wonderful mare took her owner, Jackie, into a win at their Second Level MFS with a 67.5% -- looks like BLM and GAIG qualification are in the making. Ali also rode Keely into a win at Second Level 2 with a 63.9%. Although Ali will not be able to share the ride with owner, Jackie, at the Championships, it should be noted that this talented young rider has certainly earned her qualification to the championships!!!

Lizzy & Dreamy: Well, Thornridge stayed ALL day at this show -- it ended up being a 17 hour day for the entire group. FANFARE NOISE NOW as we certainly made a huge hoot and holler when Lizzy and Dreamy won their Training Level 3 class with a whopping 68.2%. Phoebe had been the second ride of the show and Lizzy was near the last ride of the show -- yes, it was a long day!!! So, we all got very excited and made a ruckus when we heard that Lizzy blasted the class away. Lizzy was the only young rider in this mostly professional rider class. Lizzy's test was spot on and she soooo deserved to win -- we are all so proud of her and excited that we choked up the 17 hour day for her grand success!!!! Yippie!!!!

July 25, 2012
High Point Hanoverians

Suzanne Veltri's Dutch mare, Reminisce, and her first foal, Simply Aristocratic aka "Kat" were presented for approval by OLD/GOV today. Not surprisingly, the gals were both awarded FIRST PREMIUM acceptance into the breeding and foal books. As Phoebe, Claudia and Lizzy were handling the dynamic-duo, we have not much to offer for photography. Please enjoy, however, a few snap shots of the gals at home!!!!!

July 4, 2012

It is so wonderful to have this new smaller trailer to work with, as we only took 2 horses to this show!!! Chuck was really pushing Phoebe into replacing the 4-horse with a 5-horse EBY and she resisted, wanting to replace our older 2+1 All American with a smaller, same size 2+1. Now that we have fallen in love with the Eby, goals of replacing the reliable 4 horse with another Eby are in the making -- just a matter of time!!!! Here is the re-cap of our show............

Phoebe & Wallstreet Prince: After only a handful of rides together, this pair kept their ride time and competed, for the first time together, Second Level 2 for a sweeping win. Multiple people approached Phoebe to ask about who owned him and what his plan was -- Phoebe's classic response remains the same -- he is mine on paper but he is truly Claudia's horse!!! Prince & Claud are the match -- they love each other and there is noooo way that I would sell him....the "gooood-booooy" would crumble without Claudia in his life!!!! :)

Claudia & Prince: Prince struggles with the ease of C-W-C trans in the show ring at Second Level. Although they have gotten good scores, the horse was still lacking confidence in this required movement. So, we are pleased to report that Claud and Prince rocked for this Second 1 ride. It was absolutely, hands down, their best test together -- even if the score did not reflect the well earned progress. These are the moments when one must keep all in perspective -- sometime you are given a gift and sometimes you are robbed. Well, this pair was royally robbed today, yet we don't go home with our tail between our legs, we go home happy!!!!

Ali & Keely: What a fantastic finish this pair had in their second time riding Second Level together. They achieved a second place finish at Second Level 2 with a 62.6%. Kudos!!! Ali & Mom, Mary, had to depart from show early for holiday festivities, so they, and ribbons, were absent from the group photo.

Jackie & Keely: The test that Jackie produced in the lower ring was truly a first-time reflection of where she is in training at home -- the pair seemed to take a deep breath together and lose those show nerves. They won with a well deserved 66.9%. Super test, now keep it up!!!!!


At the end of June, a huge and unpredicted storm hit Maryland. It reaped havoc on Thornridge with many downed trees and massive flooding that not only leveled expanses of fence lines but also flooded our house garage -- the expense tally was high!!!! But, as always, Chuck kicked it into high gear and within a day, all repairs were made. The biggest obstacle was the loss of power for a full 7 days -- YIKES!!!!! Luckily we have a generator hook up for water and other choice breakers at the barn facility, but the cost of gas to run the generator was 80 bucks daily -- double yikes!!! Even without power, a Thornridge Group gathered at Kenny's for his annual 4th of July celebration. Kenny is a life long friend of Phoebe and her family and now Kenny and Chuck are BFFs!!!! So, it was a true treat to get away from reality, and hang out with friends, and watch the amazing fireworks from Kenny's property nestled on the mouth of the Middle River & Chesapeake Bay. Thanks Kenny for always being there for us!!!

June 16-17, 2012
Culpepper, VA

This show combined two passions for Thornridge because they offered both a recognized Breed Show and Performance Show!! So, off we headed to Culpepper with two trucks and full trailers -- we were able to put to the test the double box stall that our new Eby trailer provides!!! This was also Father's Day Weekend -- So, I am thrilled that Ali's Dad, Ken, flew up from FL to watch and support TM!!! Another supporter was Wanja & his son, Stephan, who came and hung out with us for the weekend. The performance pairs included: Phoebe & Veronica, Ali & Keely, Jackie & Keely, Lizzy & Dreamy, Amanda & Duke, Suzanne & Brisk. Chuck also debuted Thornridge's resident 2012 fillies: Suzanne's "Kat" and Claudia's "Atty." Here are some highlights from the pairs listed above:

Phoebe & Veronica: This pair not only secured a win in their First Level debut together but Veronica got to meet more flags!!!! Most importantly, they secured a 77.2% for their third USEF/Markel Q ride. Veronica was finally awarded a deserved "9" for her quality of walk!!!! This ride marked the pairs final attempt to qualify for the Four YO Finals as Phoebe & Chuck are headed off to Cabo for a week of deep sea fishing -- after all, life needs to be kept in balance and Chuck deserves to pursue his passion as well!!!! Now, it is just a wait-and-see where this pairs final ranking places them. No matter what happens, Veronica deserves to be represented as one of the nations most talented young stars -- she is very special, to say the least!!!!

Keely: This Friesian Cross mare is beyond honest!!! At this show, she carried Ali into her Second Level Debut. Ali is a young rider that had never competed more then Training Level as of 2011!!!! This mare also carried her owner, Jackie into a successful Second Level Musical Freestyle, of which, we are sure the team will qualify for both BLM & GAIG Championships.

Lizzy & Dreamy: Well, Lizzy helped us out tremendously with the presentation and handling of the foals -- it takes a village to accomplish two mare/foal tours back to back!!!! She suffered from eating too much fried food prior to her actual rides and had such an upset stomach that she kept forgetting her course!!!! But, this young partnership is just making their way into the recognized circuit and, after all, their egos cannot get too big to quickly to keep it real!!! :)

Amanda & Duke: Hats off to Amanda for presenting Duke at this first recognized show -- this Hanoverian is only 3 yo!! They scored well in their Breed Show Undersaddle class and then rocked for their Training Level class. Technical scores kept the pair out of the ribbons, but this youngster did his job with ease and confidence, even if he was nailed with a frame that was too low. Success was achieved as he was a happy baby getting exposed to his first large show atmosphere!!!!

Suzanne & Brisk: This pair continued with respectable scores at Second Level, but continued to be challenged with feeling correct leads at Second 3 in the C-W-C. They never have the wrong lead at home, so we suspect that the wrong lead at a show truly does unnerve them!!!!

Thornridge Resident Foals: Thornridge is not accustomed to having two foals and, WOW, have the dynamic-duo-fillies brought everyone so much joy this year!!!! Suzanne Veltri's Simply Aristocratic won her age group with a 78.6% and went on to be Foal Champion!!! Claudia's Suitable Attire placed right behind that filly with a 77.7% and went on to be Foal Reserve Champion!!! The scores that theses fillies achieved in their age group was significantly higher then any other scores that were awarded in any age group for the entire breed show!!!! BUT, win or lose, these fillies are super and provide such positive energy to Thornridge -- THANK YOU to Suzanne & Claudia from all of us at Thornridge for sharing your wonderful babies with us!!!!!


While most GMO's have resorted to online communication with their membership, the PVDA produces a wonderful monthly newsletter in print!!! We were very pleased to open up the June issue and find a full page photo layout.

Included in the photos were Claudia and Prince competing First 3 at VADA/Nova Spring Show, April 8, 2012. Thank you to PVA for producing such a fantastic newsletter every month -- all of us at Thornridge look forward to it's arrival.

June 6, 2012

Since Lizzy was the entry secretary and Claudia was the organizer for this show, we only took 3 horses to this show. However, there was a whole Thornridge Crew that volunteered for the day in an effort to support our club and our friends. We all had a great time hanging out for the day and even Brian was there and volunteered as the runner for the day -- he is pictured below -- he took his job very seriously!!!
Suzanne & Country competed Intro A&B with scores of near 60%. Amanda & 3 yo Do I Dazzle You competed Intro B (66.58%) and Intro C (69.25%). Kathryn and Donner Magic attended their first show of the season, winning both Second Level 1&2. Kathryn & Magic were also earned HIGH SCORE SR RIDER with a 73.428%. They were the only pair at the show that rode at Second Level or higher, so that was a wonderful achievement!! Other non-resident students that showed at Olney include: Laurie Berglie, Natalie Mallinof and Hailey Burton.

May 26-27, 2012

We enjoy supporting our local GMO, the MDA, by attending their annual recognized show. Since the show is so close we usually take a large line up of horse and rider pairs:

Suzanne & Brisk: Due to her vet practice schedule, this pair only showed on Sunday. They earned Second Level Reserve Champion High Score for the day!!!

Lizzy & Dreamy: Have been making their mark at recognized shows this season and were nearly undefeated (3 blue, and one red) at Training Level 1 & 2, with scores up to 66.9%. The sky is the limit for this talented young rider and young horse team!!!

Loretta & Wally: This show was the pairs first Recognized show of the year and they came home with two yellows and a red at First Level 2& 3. Loretta also qualified for BLM Championships at First Level with a 64.32%. Great start to the season!!

Jackie & Keely: They rode Third 3 for the first time and put in a respectable test. Now Jackie just needs to remember her test -- she had a few errors this weekend. Goal is to get those nerves under control!!

Claudia & Prince: This pair won both First Level 3 and Second Level 1, with scores up to 68.2%. Prince is certainly entering into the 2012 show season with a higher level of maturity then he had last year!!!! The mileage he has received to date has certainly paid off.

Phoebe & Windy: Because Windy can get so aggressive in warm-up conditions, Phoebe chose to only ride her as a non-compete horse and give her the opportunity to get into a nice large warm-up space. She got a bit hot here and there but really tried to keep her manners throughout. She impressed quite a few spectators!!! Phoebe rode her early so that she could volunteer as a scribe for the afternoon. Scribing is a wonderful learning experience and is invaluable to any level judge.

May 19-20, 2012
47th Annual PVDA Spring Dressage
Morven Park

Suzanne & Phoebe were especially happy with this show as there was good shopping to be had -- we were used to shopping together in FL and, well, everything since, has been sub-par!!!! The best shopping to be found was from Seam's Right Saddle Pads -- Phoebe is happy to share that 3 yo Dressed To Kill has an entire stash of his own pads getting custom made for when he is ready to go strut his stuff!!! After all, the barn's top fashion-ista is certainly going to be prepared for his 2013 debut!!!! Thornridge had many rides to gloat about at this show:

Ali & Keely -- This young rider has certainly risen to the occasion, in that, she had only competed Tr Lvl at schooling shows all of 2011 and now she is out there showing First Level at recognized shows -- yeah for GIRL POWER!!! Although out of the ribbons, this pair learned a lot this weekend and has even more to be proud of: They scored a near 62% in both First 2&3!!!! Ali is pictured below on the pinto-colored Friesian Cross.

Jackie and her own Keely -- Made their Second Level MFS DEBUT with a respectable near 63%. We all got a great chuckle out of Jackie who was clearly nervous during her ride -- no one else knew that she was nervous, however, we all knew she was as her choreography was TOTALLY different then in any previous practice!!! That is the beauty about riding a MF -- it either works or it does not and no one from the stands has a clue that you are making it all up as you go along!!!! This was the most enjoyable ride for all of the Thornridge support system to watch and we are all confident that Jackie and her super mare will only continue to clean up their freestyle throughout the year. This ride was in the indoor, so no quality pictures were to be had to the festivities :(

Suzanne & Brisk -- Continued with their past scoring pattern, bringing in a 62.3% in Second 3, and, a 5th place out of 17, with a 62.2% for Second 2. This pair continue to not only improve in their training at home but has illustrated their deserved placement in Second Level rides!!! Suzanne is pictured below on the chestnut.

Claudia & Prince -- Are making their mark with high scores this year at First 3 -- a 3rd place finish with 67.7% and another 3rd place finish with 68.7%. At this stage, Prince gets very anticipatory with the C-W-C needed at Second Level, so this team held their own for a 61.8% at Second Level.

Phoebe & Veronica -- Had two really super rides in the 4 yo classes, however, the judging was, a bit ODD...not to mention the judges comments. It is a sad day for the dressage community when a judge TELLS a-not-to-be-named-here-rider to go home and to find some correct training with their mount -- BUT, it is even a SADDER day when the judges are over the top about the quality of training presented by a team and still score them lower then the the team they told to go home and at least find a supple connection. UGH!!! So, after scoring a whopping 83+% in April, poor Miss V and I were told that we looked great and are going great, but we still score well under our deserved presentation!!! So, a 76.4% was given to us for our warm-up 4yo class, and then, when we had an even a better ride, a 6th place finish out of 14 was given with a 74.2% in our Marklel Q ride!!! Phoebe is certain that she has never been so disappointed in judging and politics as this qualifying ride produced. As upset as she was after hearing the scores over the microphone, she still believed in Veronica and made it her personal mission to not just smile, but to forge-forward with her customer's needs, and to make this score Veronica's dropped score!!!! Ohhh, it was hard not to shed a tear over this complete judging debacle in the young horse classes, esp knowing that Chuck had gone to the indoor arena and videoed EVERY ride for Phoebe to watch later....oooohhhhh!!! All she can say is that she is happy to be on a horse that has sustained power from the hind-end rather then a horse that is completely out behind and shows some fancy front end movement. The hind end is what will carry a horse successfully thru subsequent young horse classes and thru a FEI and international career -- is that not what the young horse program is designed to d?. Correct young horse training and correct natural gaits and correct international talent should have been awarded to Phoebe & Veronica at this show!!!! What all of Thornridge got a huge laugh out of was the parade of 4yo that went in front of our stabling to be lunged for a very long time even prior to a rider mounting -- the horses in this parade were mostly all nuts -- BUT not Veronica, Phoebe implicitly trusted her and just hopped on for a max of a 15 min warm-up. Phoebe always says, "if you do not have it before a show, you will not make it happen at a show," Miss-Baby-V was ready before she got to the show AND she got JIPPED in her scores!!!! But, no fear, this only gets the team MORE MOTIVATED to continue shining!!! There is no photography of Veronica from this show, other then her usual sleepy self in the stall, as her rides were both in the indoor. But, please view her rides on our ThornridgeManor youtube site. What a perfect youngster!!!

May 17, 2012

The OLD/NA website ran a very nice article about Phoebe & Veronica's success: VERONICA AT THE TOP!!! It is nice to have a breed organization recognize the accomplishments of Vinca's offspring, most notably that Veronica is currently the highest ranked 4 yo with an 83+% and that she is leading the preliminary standings for Materiale Mares aged 4/5.

May 16, 2012
Dressage at Blue Goose I

This was the first show of 2012 that we were able to take our new Eby Trailer!! We love the trailer.
All three of our riders had one great test for the day:
Suzanne and Brisk placed 3rd in Second 2 with a 61.579%
Loretta and Wally scored 61.35% in First 2
Claudia and Prince placed 4th in First 3 with a 68.87%.
Congrats to the ladies!

News report in from:
Heather Vinson & Ace of Spades
May 7, 2012

There are some horses that come into our lives and go and there are other horses that seem to keep finding us -- Ace of Spades is one of those horses that keeps coming back, for a reason. Phoebe has known Ace since he was 4 yo. First owned by Gambler Reward Stables, a good friend to Phoebe in the early 1990's, and then owned by Morgan, who brought Ace in here for lessons in 2010, and now leased, from his newest owner, by Heather Vinson in 2012, and coming back in for lessons again, ACE just seems to keep returning to Thornidge. This gelding is a class act and has carried every one of his riders into great feelings of success! Most recently, Ace has found a life with Heather -- and, she sooooo deserves to have some eventing confidence and success brought her way.

So, it is with great pleasure that we REPORT that HEATHER & ACE won their first event together this season!!!! Heather was a nervous rider and lost confidence with her last TB mount so read her wonderful account of her first event together with Ace:

From Heather: "I was so excited yesterday just knowing that we had 3 wonderful paces. I knew I was second after dressage but was not super concerned about the ribbon -- I was just really "lifted" after our dressage ride. I was nervous about jumping as this has been when I wonder if I would leave the course on my mount or on a stretcher. Should have been a hint to me a long time ago that it wasn't a good match, I know. In stadium, Ace listened and I could actually RIDE the course instead of holding on for dear life. Cross County was FAST and boring for Ace but it is the first time that I have smiled after xc in years! My dressage judge stuck her head out of the car and spoke so highly of Ace that I thought she was going to put him in her Subaru and take him home!! Thank you for helping us overcome fear and I look forward, for the first time, to getting even better as the spring/summer goes on."

From Phoebe & Claudia Heather, we love that you are actually having fun and feel safe for the first time!! Ace is a special horse -- enjoy your ride!!!! AND, Please students and buyers of sale horses, alike, send us your news reports so that we can share your bragging-rites!!!! Our goal for 2013 is to have a section of the Thornridge Manor Facebook Page dedicated to News Reports. If you are not already a fan, then hop to it and JOIN US!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MAY 6, 2012

Although many Thornridge Residents have been showing since January 2012, we have a whole crew that was excited to strut their winter preparation at the fist MDA Schooling Show of the season -- Petticoats Advance on May 6, 2012. Getting to schooling shows is invaluable to Thornridge because of the mileage it offers not just to our young horses but to our students. It is also an opportunity for us to connect with people on a grass-roots level. So, I am thrilled to share that one of my favorite lifelong friends parked her trailer beside us -- Ann Yellott and her daughter Andy were huge staples in my life as a, pre-teen, eventing and pony clubber competitor. I love this mother & daughter team as if they were my own family. Ann came to ride her own Icastico, in preparation for her May 2012 Dressage at Heavenly Waters Century Ride!! Ann, you are my inspiration -- I hope that I am of able body and mind to ride as well as you when I am in my mid 70's -- many XOXO from Phoebe and all of Thornridge -- we will be cheering you on for your century ride later this month!!!!!

The line up we took to the first schooling show of the season did an awesome job:

Loretta & Wally started the season where they left off in 2011 -- First 2& 3 -- as Wally can be looky in show environments we wanted him to have an easy time getting back into the swing of things. This pair took a win and had scores up to 63.8%!!! This show was a great prep and confidence builder for the pair to shine at their next show, recognized!! And, we are pleased to report that Wally only got lose by the trailer once...LOL!!!!

Ali Riggle & Keely made their showing debut together at this show -- They had scores up to 65.9% in First Level 2&3, winning both classes. This pair is prepping for recognized shows as well. Ali, Thornridge congratulates you on not just a move up on the levels but also the successful and quick familiarity of a new mount....well done!!!

Amanda & Do I Dazzle You made their showing debut together after only 1 month together in the saddle. "Duke" arrived to Thornridge from FL in April and he is only 3 YO!!!! What a great experience it is for a 3 yo to get to their first show and win with Intro scores as high as 63.1%. Actually the judge wanted to know if Duke was for Thankfully Amanda replied with a "Not Yet".....she needs to enjoy this rare find longer!!!!

Lizzy & Dreamy -- OK folks, I am beyond excited to have had the opportunity to take MANY QUALITY CANTER PHOTOS of this young pair!!! Woohoo -- they completed Intro in 2011 and finally got their correct leads in September. Now they are a cantering machine -- YEAH!!!! Teenage Lizzy & not quite 5YO Dreamy rode Tr 1& 2, qualified for MDA Finals at the first show of the season AND were HIGH SCORE YOUNG RIDER with a 68.9%!!!!! Ok, Lizzy -- you and Dreamy worked hard all winter and you are ready to go show recognized this year -- Claudia and I believe that the sky is the limit for this talented duo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

APRIL 28-29, 2012

The 4-horse trailer headed off to Culpepper, VA for another weekend of showing with our tried-and-true Thornridge die-hard's, including, but not limited to Chuck & Gopher!!!! There were some awesomely high individual class scores to be had, many wins to be had, learning experiences to be shared, previous sale horses to reconnect with, and a BRONZE MEDAL TO BE ACHIEVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KUDOS TO JACKIE CALDWELL & HER OWN JC'S KEELY OF TEXEL for earning their BRONZE MEDAL in their 3rd recognized dressage show participation. OMG!!!! -- Many riders spend a lifetime and ride multiple horses to be able to earn their USDF Bronze and you have squashed that norm!!! We knew you could do it as a pair -- it has only been a year & a half since your arrival to TM & prepping the two of you for this huge accomplishment was a piece of cake. All it took was a positive thinking rider mentality, some good horse training, aka Phoebe is the Flying Change Queen, and a support system to make it happen for you -- after all, Keely has always been there for you!!!! Now, you know that you HAVE EARNED THE MEDAL YOURSELF, too!!!!! Thornridge could not be more PROUD OF YOU & KEELY!!!!! I think we all still share in great fun knowing how your special mare came by her name, though -- ahhhh, the great pleasures in life are worth remembering..................

Claudia & Prince -- Continued to successfully inch up the score board and class placings with two wins and a second placing for both First Level 3 and Second Level 1. Their scores were as high as 66.9% and after their second April 2012 show they have qualified for GAIG Champs. OH, no -- this means that you need to officially sit all tests from here on out as it is time to MOVE ON!!!!!!!! :) Claud & P are ready.

Suzanne & Brisk -- Ribboned in both their Second Level 2 & 3 class on Sun, the only day that they were able to show. Always winning the best dressed pair, I do believe that Suzanne may have qualified for all of her BLM & GAIG Second Level Champs by this show -- but, trust us, she will not report any placings until she gets the highest score possible from her 2012 season ahead of her. LOL -- a big thumbs up to this high achieving pair!!!

Phoebe & Veronica -- Almost undefeated for the whole show -- but, hey, it's OK to get a second place with a score over 70%!!!! Perfect V has done it again -- huge Materiale scores up to 78.2% and Training Level scores over 70%. Currently qualified for Region 1 GAIG and BLM Championships -- and she did not even break a sweat -- after all, this perfect youngster is totally happy to just HUG!!! Ah, Veronica, you are the BESTEST EVER!!!!

Lee & Trumpet -- It was wonderful getting to see Lee in action with Trumpet. They are preparing to start showing this 2012 season and came to Culpepper as a non-compete horse. Trumpet is Vinca's half sibling -- so somewhere along the line he is related to Veronica and Heirloom. Phoebe & Claud were as happy to see Trumpet as Lee was to meet Veronica. All of us from Thornridge wish Lee & Trumpet great success this 2012 debut showing season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some fun pictures from Culpepper:

In addition to Thornridge's Resident Soprano Fillies,
the farm has been anxiously waiting the

Meet HEIRLOOM -- This is the chestnut pictured below. His two claims to fame are that 1) he is Veronica's full sibling, and 2) Phoebe has been coveting his arrival for months!!!! Phoebe placed an order to the foal gods for Technique to deliver a red 50% of that begging was answered. Ah, heck, even though Phoebe got a chance to meet him, finally, at 5 days old, he was her's before he was born -- there was never a hesitation to have the opportunity to get a piece of Veronica!!! This was a purchase from the heart and hopefully history will repeat my success with heart-felt purchases?!? Since Heirloom came out a boy, Phoebe decided to embrace her red request to the foal gods and has nicknamed him "TOMATO"!!! Somehow the name just fits.........and it sure seems to produce a snicker from people when they hear his name..........quirky is fun!!!! Tomato will be FUN!!!!!!!

Meet RIALTO HHF -- This is our own Wallstreet Romance's foal with Rascalino!!!! This is Dressed To Kill's sibling!!!! And, as we knew would be the case, Romy has produced another exceptional foal -- they are all destined to be beauty pageant winners!!! Rialto HHF was bred by Chris Kropf in NY and we are thrilled to get the chance to see Romy and her new colt at Dressage at Devon this fall -- now if time could truly fly -- September seems like a lifetime away. Many XOXO to Our Romy and her colt, Rialto HHF!!!!


Claudia Kleinsmith's mare R.Star had a beautiful filly on April 2, 2012. There was much excitement about naming her and Claudia chose to stick with Thornridge's past naming of foals (Dressed to Kill is the name) to represent our high fashion consciousness...LOL!!!! Meet SUITABLE ATTIRE aka "Atty"!!!!!!!!!!! Atty is the flying leaper pictured here with the grey dam.

Suzanne Veltri's mare R.Reminisce had a beautiful filly, as well, on April 19, 2012. This filly could not be a more perfect package! Meet SIMPLY ARISTOCRATIC aka, "Kat"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kat has the exceptional neck set pictured here with the dark bay dam.

Everyone at Thornridge is having a blast with the new filly arrivals -- 2012 is sure to be an exceptional year with all the foal excitement!!!! Thank you to both of our "resident-maiden-breeders" for supplying the farm with such joy!

APRIL 7-8, 2012
VADA/Nova Spring Dressage

As horse people, we never get a holiday, so no wonder we headed off to Morven with the 4-horse trailer to spend Easter weekend debuting a few special horses in our own Region 1.

** Claudia & Prince continued showing what they had ended the 2011 season with -- First 3 and Second 1. It was exciting for Claudia and Phoebe to see that Prince arrived at his first show much more mature then his 2011-self!! He was down to business in every way and accrued scores up to 65.8% in First Level and in the the low 60's for Second Level. Way to go Prince -- you have started your 2012 show season well!!!!
** Jackie & Keely have entered the 2012 season with huge goals to accomplish, not the least of which is to earn their Bronze Medal!!! We are happy to report that they received their second First Level score and a Second Level score of 63.6% in an effort to meet this goal!! We suspect it will take no time at all for this team to get a medal.
** Suzanne & Brisk only showed on Sat, but did a fine job of scoring in the low 60's at Second Level. We suspect this pair will have no trouble meeting their 2012 goal of qualifying for both BLM and GAIG Championships at Second Level.
** Phoebe & Veronica made their Region 1 debut together with high (68+% & 69+%) BLM/GAIG qualifying scores at Training Level. They also started their qualifying process for the 4 yo Markel Finals later in the year. We are overjoyed to report that the team did fantastically in their first Qualifying Class -- Winning (out of a class of 11 horses) the USEF/Markel Q Young Horse TOC Class with a WHOPPING 83.2%!!!!! Phoebe & Veronica are certainly on their way to securing an invitation to the Markel Finals in August. Their work together as a team will only continue to progress!!!

There were a lot of conflicts for our group's rides, so we were only able to get photography of Jackie and Phoebe:


Phoebe and Beaujoulais are pictured in Equestrian Magazine, March 2012. "Roo," a 3 yo Old/GOV mare owned by Flying Lion Farm of Zephyrhills, FL, was PHR/Silver Stirrup Grand Champion Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Materiale.

Phoebe and Beaujoulais are featured riding in Warmbloods Today, February 2012 in an article titled: How Slow Sport Horses Grow. The article compares "Roo" and her 3 yo half sibling and the differences in their physical maturity. We love this article not just because nearly all of the photography is from Phoebe and Chuck but because Phoebe had her choice of youngsters to bring home and train from Flying Lion Farm. Even though both mares were age 3, Phoebe felt Roo was more physically mature to begin working undersaddle then her sibling, Isabella -- both mares are by LeSanto. It seems the choice was the best one to be made as Roo shined undersaddle and Isabella, now a 4 yo, is also shining!! Isabella has been pulling in great scores for Materiale Mare 4/5 yo classes in 2012 -- up to 84%!!!!

Thank you to Julianna Whittenburg and Flying Lion Farm for giving Phoebe her choice of youngsters to train. We are looking forward to years of partnering with you to promote your quality youngsters!!! Note: In 2012, Phoebe brought back home 3 yo Hanoverian Do I Dazzle You. Keep a look-out for this wonderful youngsters progress!!

March 18-25, 2012
Jackie's Scholarship Week
Carol Lavel Gifted Scholarship

For an entire week, Jackie had the opportunity to take off work and have intense training with her mare, Keely. In addition to lessons with Phoebe, the pair went on a field trip to clinic with Eugene Abello and Thornridge also hosted Robin Silk Archer for a two day clinic. Jackie also spent a lot of time watching other rides in both clinics and a lot of time watching Phoebe and Claudia ride and teach. So, the week was wonderfully fun and educational for Jackie and for all of Thornridge.

MARCH 2012

After a very successful 6 weeks in Florida competing, Phoebe is thrilled to be home and is preparing for a full 2012 SHOW SEASON!!! The major goal to be had is to Qualify Veronica for the 4 YO Markel Finals, to advance Windy for a 3rd/4th Lvl debut starting 2013, and to peck away at Vinca's return. Well, VINCA's back in action involves his largest breeding season to date -- just a week upon our return home, he was off to collection for two FL based mares -- the mare owner fell in love with Veronica and wanted some Vinca foals!!! SOOOO, needless to say, it looks like both Vinca and I have a full season ahead in 2012.


Mid Jan 2012 Phoebe and four horses headed off to Florida for a whirlwind time of training and to hit four shows!! In tote were: Windsong FV, Vinca, Veronica, and Brisk. The facility, Magnolia Dressage and it's owner, Cathy Willson were just wonderful. The barn was amazing, not to mention the state of the art footing in the beautiful covered arena......and, did I mention that Cathy cooked dinner for me EVERY night!?! Our experience was to die for. There is currently a total of 30 BLOGS that have been posted from the FL trip -- Phoebe promised everyone at home that she would keep everyone updated -- from training rides, to show results, to just good ol' fun hanging out.....all the news can be found on the blog!!!

Shows attended: Snowbird Paradise I&II, The Sweetheart Cup and Twice as Nice II. Windy pulled in huge scores at First Level, many blues, a reserve champion show high score, and left FL schooling 3rd Lvl. Veronica was nearly undefeated in all of her classes, came home landslide leading the USDF All Breeds Materiale Mares 4/5yo division and was ready to begin her journey to qualify for the 4yo Markel Finals. Vinca and Phoebe got to know each other, experienced their first show together and will be ready to roll in this wonderful stallion's return to the competition dressage arena. Phoebe and Brisk kept training 2nd level and his owner flew in for each show weekend to rack in great percentages at 2nd Lvl -- qualifying for all Region 1 Championships easily!!! The 4 horses we took certainly rose to the occasion and thrived under the pressure that was asked of them to perform.

Many THANKS TO BE ACKNOWLEDGED: Thank you to Claudia for smoothly running Thornridge in my absence.....everyone advanced while I was gone and all horses were happy when I came home. Thank you to Chuck for being the ultimate trailer driver and coming to groom for me at every show -- now, that is one special husband. Thank you to Gopher for keeping me company every night -- even though I missed Ceili & Rerun terribly. Thank you to my horses for rising to the pressure. Thank you to Cathy and George for taking such wonderful care of me -- I felt like my mom was there! Thank you to Suzanne for making a huge commitment to travel often and for arranging the trip with her aunt, Cathy. Thank you to Julianna and Gary for coming to all four shows and helping me groom, braid, and all the extras that made the trip happen successfully!! All of you have made me speechless -- I just feel so lucky to have had this opportunity and to actually be back in the saddle and riding. And, did I mention that I did all of the daily work, grooming, riding, primping, etc...yes, it was 6 weeks with no break but totally well worth the effort.....I am just so happy to be back!!!!!!!

2012 Interactive Media WAVE OF THE FUTURE: Instead of re-posting every result and photo shoot of my FL 2012 experience, I encourage folks to check out THE BLOG and also make the THORNRIDGE MANOR FACE BOOK PAGE their GO TO!!!! BE SURE TO FRIEND US!!!! In 2012, I will continue posting current news updates, but Claudia and Phoebe also plan to keep our supporters updated thru the medias suggested above. If you have not met Andrew & Bambi, yet, please go to the blog....they have been a source of fun for us all at Thornridge!!! And, I promise, to everyone that once I get on top of all website updates 2012, I WILL personally join FB....but, in the meantime, Claudia is keeping TM FB page updated. Goal before New Years Day 2013 is to be completely interactive.......wish me/us luck!!!!!

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