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Thornridge Manor trainer, Claudia Kleinsmith, has been represented on the 2007 Dressage Issue of the Equiery. Mozart is quite the Cover Boy!!!

After starting lessons this past summer at Thornridge Manor, Anna Schmitt and her horse, Liam, have has a strong Fall of 2007 eventing season. Anna's successful dressage tests played a huge part in her overall highlights. Congratulations Anna and Liam!!!
September 2007 -- Champion, Tr Lvl 4 -- MD State 4-H Dressage Show & Combined Training
September 2007 -- 1st place -- USEA Weave A Dream Horse Trial, Novice Rider Division
October 2007 -- 1st place -- MCTA Jenny Camp Horse Trails, Jr. Novice Division
October 2007 -- 3rd place -- USEA Waredaca Horse Trials, Jr. Novice Division

Resident Young Rider, Erin Spencer and Silver King, had another year of great accomplishments. Their 2007 highlights include:
Dressage at Fair Hill:
1st place -- Dressage Seat Equitation
1st place -- First Level 3
4th place -- First Level 4
Young Rider High Point Award -- 67.429%

Dressage at Heavenly Waters:
1st place -- First Level 3
4th place -- First Level 4

Training Level Performance Award
First Level Performance Award
7th place -- First Level Young Rider, GAIG Region 1 Championships
3rd place -- Dressage Seat Equitation Region 1 Semifinals

Champion -- First Level B, YR
Champion -- Second Level A, YR
Gold Medal Achievement -- First Level
Gold Medal Achievement -- Second Level
Penny Lane Memorial Trophy -- Highest First Level Avg Score -- 68.4%
Apparently Erin's favorite color is still blue!!
      We cannot tell who has a bigger smile?

             Erin's first award ceremony.

             Championship class in Lexington.

Congratulations to Resident Young Rider, Mateja Zdanis and Fraelichberg's Felix for a successful first show season together!!! Although Mateja was only able to attend two Region 1 Competitions in 2007, she earned consistent scores in the high 50's and took 3rd place at Tr LVL 4 and 5th place in Tr Lvl 4 at Dressage at Heavenly Waters. Mateja also earned Reserve Champion, Tr Lvl B for the MDA 2007 Awards. In addition, she was a Silver Medal recipient for First Level. What a job well done for this new partnership!!!
L-R: Erin, Kenny, Mateja showing support to each other
      Mateja and Felix at a schooling show --62%

   Mateja and Regina L are currently training hard for the 2008 season. We predict for them to turn some heads

On September 14, Clifford FV attended his Oldenburg Inspection to receive his official papers and to get branded. Not surprisingly, he was exceptionally well behaved. The judge announced that "his obvious good character would contribute to his future rideability and trainability." His kind nature is just remarkable!!

On August 4th, 2007 we attended another DSHB show at Morven Park -- Too Hot to Trot I. Again performing well, Windsong scored 76.2% to take 4th place out of a very large yearling filly pack. In both the walk and the trot, the judge was pleased with her, quoting: “good freedom of the shoulder and haunches…very good elasticity of the body.” We also took Wallstreet Prince along for the trip and were ecstatic when he won the yearling gelding/colt class with a score of 73.8%. The judge felt that Prince was “very well developed for a yearling,” and commented that he had “correct movement, good tempo,” and a “nicely suspended trot.” Both of our yearlings were superstars and we saw a glimpse of their bright future.

        Best Friends: Windsong and Prince
                      Prince with his 1st place ribbon

   Wallstreet Prince

MATICA celebrated her 16th birthday on July 4, 2007!!!! Both Ceili and Rerun attended the party. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATICA !!!!

                      L-R: Ceili, Rerun, and Matica

Congratulations to Claudia Kleinsmith on Suzanne Veltri's Dutch mare, Reminisce for her 5 th place finish in a very large and competitive Training level 4 class at Morven Park on July 29, 2007.

Photo Credit: Pics of You

Congratulations to Sue Springer and Bismark, winners of Third 2 at EEMI Summer Dressage Classic on July 29, 2007.

Photo Credit: Pics of You

On June 14th 2007, Phoebe DeVoe's Windsong attended her first DSH Breed Show at Morven Park. She placed 5th out of 21 scheduled yearling fillies, with a score of 75.9%. The judge described her as "an elegant type.....with good reach......and uphill tendency." But most importantly, Windsong behaved like a perfect lady for the entire experience: braiding, transportation, and her isolated moment in the ring. We were very proud of Windsong at her first of many competitions.

Congratulations Mardi Herman and Zoe! They were featured on the cover of the April 2007 Equiery as the winners of the Equiery Perpetual Eventing Trophy! Way to go! Click on the cover page for a link to the article.

Thornridge Manor wishes to extend a huge GET WELL to Kenny Brady--he fell on a patch of ice in Feb 2007 and broke his shoulder and wrist. Pictured here with Nancy DeVoe, Kenny is a generous soul who always helps Chuck with improvement projects around the farm. We often call him "half-man, half-tractor" as he volunteers to do all of the mowing at the farm! Kenny, you are priceless, and everyone at Thornridge sends you a speedy recovery.

CONGRATULATIONS to student Sue Springer and Necktor for their debut Fourth Level rides and wins at Florida Dressage Concours in Venice, FL this February 2007. While in FL this winter, Sue is in training with the well respected Marilyn Heath.

As a side note, Marilyn trained Phoebe during both her 1999 'L' judging program and during her 2006 'r' judging program. Marilyn indicated that Phoebe was the only graduate from her 1999 L class to successfully complete her 'r' license.


We are excited to see that the grandsire of our sale horse, Cole, has just been honored as one of Maryland's Stallions of Distinction. He was featured on the cover of the 2006 December issue of the Equiery. Click on the cover page for a link to the article!

Congratulations to Mardi Herman! Mardi is an eventer who trailers to Thornridge Manor for weekly lessons. Mardi was Area 2 Open Division Champion for Training Level Eventing in 2006. This pair is preparing for another successful show year in 2007 -- they intend to compete at preliminary division.

Photo by GRC Photos

Congratulations Matjea Zdanis on the recent purchase of her new horse, Felix. Look for this new partnership out and about at the shows in 2007!

In the PVDA November 2006 Newsletter, student Sue Springer was recognized for her Third Level Test 2 win.

Thornridge Manor wishes Sue good luck on her show season this winter in Florida!

Thornridge Manor wishes to congradulate Erin Spencer and Silver King on an outstanding 2006 show record. As a young rider, we know this is the first year of a successful career for this talented duo! In 2006 they:

  • Qualified for GAIG/USDF Region I Championships--Training Level
  • Qualified for BLM Region I Championships -- Training Level
  • MDA Finals Champion for Training Level
  • Young Rider High Point Award at 7 MDA schooling shows with high point scores up to 68.5% for Training Level 3 & 4 and 72.9% for First Level 1 & 2
  • Erin and King were recognized at the MDA Awards Dinner as the:
  • Young Rider Training Level B Champion
  • Young Rider First Level A Champion
  • Young Rider overall Training Level Champion
  • Gold Medal - Training Level - Rider Achievement
  • Gold Medal - First Level - Rider Achievement
  • Penny Lane Memorial Award
Thank you Kenny Brady for your care and support.
          Erin's favorite color is blue!!

Phoebe DeVoe's Regina L took 3rd place out of 23 mares presented at the Mid-Atlantic Hanoverian Breeder's Hosted Inspection and Mare Show, Sunday November 5, 2006. With a large score of 7.31, Regina received 8's on head, neck and walk. The inspection judges were very complimentary of her type and Christine Smith did a beautiful job handling her in the presentation. Pat Limage of Bae Prid Farm is the breeder of Regina. Phoebe and Chuck purchased Regina as a sale horse in September of 2005 and this is the first mare that Thornridge Manor has been affiliated with in the Hanoverian Mare Inspection Tour. Needless to say, we were thrilled and proud of our mare; however the moment was bittersweet knowing that Regina was scheduled for a pre-purchase examination the following day. Congrats to Michael Zdanis on the purchase of his first horse. Regina L will remain at Thornridge Manor for training. Look for Michael and Regina in the fall of 2007. We expect good competition results from this pair!


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