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For the last few years Thornridge has had a group of students that have competed successfully at the Maryland Dressage Association schooling show series. This year, our Thornridge Crew put in a tremendous volunteer effort throughout the entire season, enabling them to earn year end awards. Without such a massive volunteer effort, the club would struggle to keep shows running smoothly. This year marks the first year that Claudia has actually ridden the same horse long enough to earn year end awards -- the schooling shows have been an invaluable tool for exposing our talented youngsters to the competition ring and varying venues. In addition to riding three horses under the age of 4, all with an average final score of 69+%, Claudia also earned 2010 TRAINER OF THE YEAR. Now that is something to smile about. Congratulations!! and Thank You!! to all of our Thornridge Students for such fantastic commitment and enthusiasm.

MDA Board Member

Clifford FV -- 3rd place Intro Adult
Dare To Dream -- Reserve Champion Intro Adult
Wallstreet Prince -- Reserve Champion Training B Adult
Reserve Champion MDA Adult Team Member
Grand Champion MDA Finals Training Level
Qualified for BLM Championships Training Level


Brianne Reynolds -- Recipient of Caitlin Ben Dror Scholarhip Adult
MDA Board Member

Peppermint Patti -- Grand Champion First Level A Adult
Reserve Champion MDA Adult Team
Qualified for BLM Championships Training Level
USDF HOY All Breeds Grand Champion Training Level, Spotted Draft
Wears a tutu and ballerina slippers with class!!!!!
Hershey Kisses -- 4th place Training B Adult


Suzanne Veltri & Country Bumpkin -- 5th place Intro Adult

First year for Suzanne to ever show!!!


Holly Van Sant & Riviera -- Reserve Champion 2nd Level A Adult

This pair also competed at recognized shows in 2010


Scott Nickel & Personal Boy -- Reserve Champion 2nd Level B Adult

This pair also competed at recognized shows.
Scott and his wife Linda have massive amts of volunteer time with MDA!!!


Elizabeth Loundas --

Dare To Dream -- Reserve Champion Intro YR
Reserve Champion MDA-YRC Team Member
Lizzy is now the proud owner of this fabulous horse!!!!!
Often seen around town dressed as a baby...Dreamy is only 3 after all!!!
Country Bumpkin -- 3rd place Training B YR
Reserve Champion MDA Finals Training Level YR


Rachel Gale & Norman -- Reserve Champion Training B YR
Grand Champion MDA Finals Training Level YR
This pair also evented all 2010 season!!!


Alix Day & Bionic Gun -- Grand Champion First Level A YR
"Lordy" is usually the most aged horse at the shows!!!
In 2011 Alix becomes an adult under USEF rules!!!!!


Hannah Conway -- Recipient of the Caitlin Ben Dror Scholarship YR
Hannah earned 9 volunteer work credits in 2010!!!!

Peppermint Patti -- 3rd place Training A YR
Hershey Kisses -- Reserve Champion Training A YR
Reserve Champion MDA-YRC Team Member
Often seen around town as a skeleton!!!!


Alexandra Riggle & Country Bumpkin -- 4th place Training Level A YR
Reserve Champion MDA-YRC Team Member
This pair has Ravens spirit!!!!


Erica Degele & Clifford FV -- 3rd place Intro YR
3rd place MDA-YRC Team Member
Most improved 2010 rider at Thornridge Manor !!!!


Erin Spencer & Silver King --

Continue their pattern of cleaning up at year end awards.....
Grand Champion Third Level YR
Bronze Medal MDA Lifetime Achievement Award (first and only issued to date)!!!!
Every year this pair moves up a level and wins GC....GREAT JOB!!!!!!


2011 Outlook: Thornridge Manor students are all training hard for a level move up. We have many new faces at the farm and several plan to start competing next year. There will be some horse /rider combination changes. And, the sky is the limit for Claudia and Wallstreet Prince!!!!


This 2010 Holiday Season, I wanted to do a few very special and personalized gifts for my friends and family. Knowing that everyone loved photography of their horses and that I have a whole slew of available photography, I connected with my friend KATHI RIKERT for help in presenting the perfect gift. Kathi has a magazine quality, high-tech program that can alter and customize a photograph in just about every way imaginable. Kathi is extremely talented and has a super artistic eye and ideas. For every picture that I sent her, she offered me multiple options to choose from as the final gift presentation. The process was easy and was fully completed thru email communication. I highly recommend Kathi's services if you are seeking special photography as a gift or for your own personal collection.

Please contact Kathi for more information at kathir@mautilities

Enjoy a sampling of the pictures she presented to me..........

October 24, 2010

We hosted this MDA fundraiser to support the 2011 Adult Team. There was a great and colorful turnout as show attire was not required. Entries warranted a second judge in the am, so Phoebe donated her time to benefit the fundraising. At lunchtime, there was a costume class that was a true blast to watch and participate. A special congratulations to Kathryn Schultz and 4 yo AHS mare, Donnermagic for their successful show debut. Please enjoy our picture gallery below of some of our farm riders and students. By the end of this event, Phoebe clearly lost her ring side chair to her feline side-kick, Gypsy.

Representations from our farm include: Claudia & Dreamy, Lizzie & Dreamy, Hannah & Hershey, Brianne & Hershey, Hannah & Patti, Brianne & Patti, Lizzie & Country, Suzanne & Country, Kathryn & Magic, Phoebe & Foxy, Claudia & Prince, Claudia & Cliff, Erica & Cliff, Holly & Riva, Scott & Freeby. Wow, that was a lot of scores into the 70's...well done!!

October 10, 2010

A few of us qualified and entered the MDA Finals Classes this 2010. Results and pictures are as follows:

CHAMP ADULT TR: Claudia & Prince

RES CH ADULT TR: Phoebe & Cole

CHAMP YR TR: Rachel & Norman

RES CH YR TR: Lizzy & Country

4TH PL ADULT 1ST: Holly & Riveria

1st place 1st 3 Open: Claudia & Cole

Wed, September 29, 2010

With our busy training program and performance show schedule this year, we were unable to find time for any breed shows. But the lure of Devon kept calling. Our decision was finalized when Chuck said, "Calvin looks impressive right now. I'd like to run him." So, Devon bound we became with our yearling gelding.

The judges all thought Dressed To Kill looked impressive, too: He placed 3rd out of 25 in the yearling colt/geld class with a 78%. This score qualified him for the East Coast Championship Finals Series later in the evening. There were only 12 finalists represented in this class from an entire season of pre-competing so we were thrilled to just be in such amazing company, with the best of the best. But, better yet, Dressed To Kill was called back and ribboned 5th place with an averaged score of 75.5%. This was most exciting to us as it marked the third year in a row that we have attended breed shows and have all of our horses qualify for the finals. In 2008 -- Windsong FV, in 2009 -- Wallstreet Prince and Dressed To Kill, and now, 2010 -- Dressed To Kill again!!

On Wed, Dressed To Kill, went on to help Chuck win the AA Handler Class. By Thursday, he was totally tuckered out and was just out of the ribbons in the Hano IBC class. A huge THANK YOU to King & Julie for their exceptional professional handling -- our crew had a super time spending the week with both of you. A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Equanimity Farm Sport Horses for breeding such a lovely prospect in Dressed To Kill, the first horse that has represented their wonderful breeding program at DAD 2009 and 2010.


Wed, September 29, 2010

Chuck and Calvin won the ADULT AMATEUR HANDLER CLASS at prestigious DAD Breed Show!! The judge was especially happy with Chuck's turning technique and thought that Calvin had great manners. Everyone at the farm has watched Chuck practice before the show and we are all so very proud of him. It seems as if there may be a horsemen in him yet??? Enjoy the video of their winning tour.........

September 26, 2010

Another chilly and rainy show day for us this fall season. Everyone did a super job on their tests today even though the scores were, yet, again, on a very low scale. The best tests from our group was undoubtedly Claudia and Clifford in Intro A & B. Beautifully correct and harmonious -- only scored a 65%, but should have been a 75%!!!! In addition to some photos below, we have included a video of Claudia/Cliff's ride as we are so happy with his progress this season.

Representations from our farm include: Claudia and Cliff, Erica and Cliff, Phoebe and Cole, Claudia and Cole, Brianne and Patti, Hannah and Patti, Alix and Lordy, Ali and Country, Rachel and Norman. Thank you to Lizzy for helping to groom all day for us and to Jeremy who was able to snap some photos. Now that Phoebe is showing, it is hard to multi task and everyone's help is so appreciated!!!

Phoebe and Cole

Claudia and Cole

Hannah and Patti

Brianne and Patti

Erica and Cliff

What an improvement!


Congratulations to Marta Stockwell's homebred mare, Mexi, for obtaining her Premium Mare Book Status Old/NA with 105 points. Mexi was presented by Chuck and officially named Freixenet, after the Champagne made in the area of Spain where Marta was born. Marta and Mexi, who are from NH, have been spending the summer at Thornridge Manor in our working student program.


Congratulations to the Beach Family for their very successful placing at the 2010 AEC in Fairburn, GA.

TRAINING HORSE CHAMPIONSHIP: Dawn and Sudden Eclipse (Major) placed 5th, on their 31.6% dressage score, in a field of 54.
PRELIMINARY JR/YR CHAMPIONSHIP: Chase,age 15, and Lucky Bucky placed 7th out of 20. Chase and Bucky also won prize money for being the closest to optimum time x-country.

Dawn and Major
Chase and Bucky

SEPTEMBER 4-5, 2010

MDA Training Level 3/4 team members, Claudia Kleinsmith, Brianne Conway and Denise Nader had a super weekend at Culpeper. With all respectable scores up to 66%, this trio placed Second overall (missing first place by less then one percentage point!!). In addition to Tr Lv tests, Wallstreet Prince also competed in his first Material Class with scores up to 7.3 (73%). The weekend was not just another successful competition for the Thornridge crew, but a good time to mingle with MDA and other GMO riders. Thank you to Marta, our team's official weekend groom.


It is so exciting to report that, among 21 competing teams, The Long Green Pony Club D-Team WON 1st Place in Stable Management and WON 1st Place Overall Team!!! Phoebe was the official coach of the team, spending the better part of 6 weeks, prior to the rally, teaching group lessons and running thru test riding. In the last lesson prior to the rally, Phoebe gave a pep talk and reassured the girls how very competitive they were, but above all else, they were to have fun and be team players. It seems as though they accomplished it all. Sisters, Jenn and Natalie Malinoff are regular students of Claudia and Kimbal Bryant is a regular student of Phoebe. It is incredible to win both the riding phase and the horsemanship phase of the is large rally.....congratulations girls. We are so very proud of you!!!

(L-R) Morgan, Jenn, Kelsey, Natalie, Kimbal


Congratulations to Phoebe's Delaware crew from Small Wonders Pony Club that attended the Pony Club Eventing Nationals 2010. Emma Trugman on Just Peaches, Lee Goodrich on Irish Mist, and Cordielyn Goodrich on Bandit from Winswept Stables stopped into Thornridge for one last lesson on their route to VA. After taking their sessions, the girls decorated their vehicles, polished their horses, and headed south. It was a fun-filled morning here at Thornridge!!! Lee and Emma's Novice team placed 4th overall and Cordie placed individually, 7th at Training Lvl. Great job, Ladies!!!!

Decorating at Thornridge

Cordielyn in TR Lvl Stadium Phase

Emma and Peaches

Lots of Ribbons!!!

Great Smile, Cordie!!!

Lee & Misty -- This is the horse that
Phoebe swam earlier this summer.


Congratulations to Brooke Nemec from Elkridge Harford Pony Club for her team membership on the PC National Eventing Team. Brooke came to Phoebe for dressage help prior to her evening rally and with her improvement the two qualified for Nationals. After 2 lessons, Brooke did not have the financial ability to continue lessons. But, Phoebe was so impressed with the raw enthusiasm of this young lady that she donated her lessons multiple times a week to get her ready for both the rally and then nationals. Brooke worked diligently between lessons and each time came back improved!!! Prior to lessons, Brooke never scored below a 50% in dressage and by the Nationals, she boasted a 44%....that is a major improvement and we are all so proud of her efforts!!! Brooke's team finished 5th overall and 2nd in Stable Management. To sweeten the connection between Brooke and Phoebe, is the fact that Brooke attends NDP and Phoebe graduated from NDP. It is always a good feeling to give back to a deserving young rider. Congratulations Brooke, you are a testament that dedication pays off!!!!


Congratulations to 15 yo student, Chase Beech and Lucky Bucky for being a strong member of the Championship Eventing Team. To make the team at such a young age is phenomenal alone, but to ride so well is even better!!! Chase's dressage test was reported to be spot on technically, but there were a few errors of course (a large arena with RSVP is spatially different then the usual small arena) that added onto his deserved final score. Chase jumped fantastically, though!! The team came in 5th overall as there were team-member mishaps in jumping that kept them off the podium.

At the end of Aug, Chase sent his wonderful TB (and his mom, Dawn sent her Prelim Lvl eventer, Major) to Thornridge for a dressage tune-up and then will head off to Georgia for the American Eventing Championships. Best of luck, we are all rooting for you .......

AUGUST 21-22, 2010

As in years past, we thoroughly enjoyed our favorite show venue at Foxcroft. Although the scoring was generally on a lower scale (in comparison to the rest of 2010 shows to date) for the weekend, our crew still managed to pull in scores up to 65% for the weekend. It was surprising how few qualifying scores (Phoebe qualified for BLM on Cole) were handed out for the entire weekend -- the bulk of classes were winning from low 60's!!! This show marked the first overnite show for Brianne and Patti, the first time back in the ring for Phoebe in 4 years!, Prince's first overnite as a performance horse, and Zauber's first recognized show, much less overnite show.

The weekend was wonderful: Thank you to Loretta and Phil, who joined us for the weekend -- your help and support was invaluable. Thank you to Marta, who groomed for us all weekend, with pizzas, I might add!! Thank you to Diane who allowed Anna to take her mare, Zauber, after Anna's horse went lame a week before the show!! Thank you to Chuck, who took pictures and videos all weekend without a complaint. Thank you to Patty and Pat, at our B&B for getting up so early for our whole crew to get our day started off with an awesome breakfast. And, Gopher would like to add a special thank you to Aunt Kathy and Uncle Phil, who took care of him everyday....let's just say that the little puppy was tuckered out by the end of the day. What a wonderful weekend with friends and our favorite horses!!! For more pictures and commentary, check out Phoebe's Blog.............

We love to hear how our SOLD HORSES are doing......

Heather Stiffel reports that she and Socora are leading the Intro and Training Level Divisions at Begin Again Farm Annual Series, with scores as high as 76.0%!!!! Better yet, this pair is prepping for their first recognized show together at Oakridge in Sept. Best of Luck!!!

AUGUST 11, 2010

Another great show for Brianne/Pattie and Claudia/Prince -- Both qualified for BLM Championships at Training Level. This show marked Gopher's first competition and he was a champ, too....he will soon be a "world traveler." Thank you to Chuck for his video prowess and to Marta for helping groom all day at the show. Shows are so EASY with just 2 horses, it was a treat.

AUGUST 1, 2010

What a truly beautiful show to attend. The property was immaculate and the arenas were very well manicured -- We have decided this farm is top on the list of shows to attend. Competitors representing our farm include: Claudia and Clifford, Erica and Clifford, Suzanne and Country, Ali and Country, Brianne and Patti, Hannah and Patti, and Phoebe and Cole.

The show was a great success. Claudia and Clifford FV (Intro) received the highest score given for the day 70.5%. This was a minimum of 8% points higher then 2nd place -- WOW!!! Brianne and Patti showed their stuff at First Level 1/2, pulling in mid 60's. And, Phoebe and Cole had two very respectable tests in Tr 3&3, qualifying for MDA Finals and winning the second test with mid 60's. This show was a good break-in for the pair as it has been 4 years since Phoebe has shown and it has been 2 years since Cole has show. Now they are ready to start recognized shows later in Aug.

Claudia's first time to Compete Cliff

Erica and Suzanne

Claudia and Phoebe hanging out

Beautiful Cole

JULY 24-25,2010 at MORVEN PARK

This much anticipated event that took nearly a year to organize, with MDA teams, seemed to be over in a flash. Like last year, we had a great time and the two teams did a super job. We were more competitive this year and we cleaned up in the specialty awards. Thank you to Brianne Conway for organizing the MDA-Thornridge Manor-Custom Saddlery-and Dogwood Tack sponsored teams. Two teams were sent and they did a wonderful job of not only riding but of becoming a team player in a much individualized sport. Congratulations to all. Claudia and I were honored to be a part of this experience and look forward to next year. Over 1,000 pictures were taken by Phoebe, so a few will be shared here on the reporting of awards, etc.

Brianne provided an interesting tidbit after the weekend -- "I know it all felt like we were trekking across the desert this weekend with all the walking we did. I used google earth to measure the distance from our shed rows to the 3 bottom show rings and it's .44 of a mile, one way!! So almost a mile round trip! That is a lot of walking, especially in the weekend's extreme heat, so I hope that everyone rewarded themselves with a big snowball!" Response from Phoebe: Claudia and I will be eating snowballs for the next century!!! And, I believe a golf cart for the pit crew was well earned for 2011 team show...LOL!!!

Brianne: Deluxe Decorator for "Maryland's Mane Events" Theme -- Winner of Most Informative Decorations Award

Dreamy: Surfs up, Representing Ocean City, MD

Hanging out in the shade

Ali and Country won award for FATTEST PONY/HORSE

Hannah and Hershey won award for BEST TAIL

Morgan was RESERVE HIGH SCORE for the Mix1 Division!!

Unfortunately there was no award for the youngest horse at the show. Lizzy rode Dreamy -- the ONLY 3yo at the show!!!!

JUNE 10, 2010

Yet another successful show for the Thornridge Crew. But, regretfully, no pictures to share from this was a down pour all day. Representing our farm with high scores posted all day long include: Claudia and Dreamy, Claudia and Prince, Erica and Clifford, Suzanne and Country, Ali and Country, Brianne and Hershey, Hannah and Hershey, Emily and Tommy, Alix and Lordy, Mateja and Regina.


It has been 2 years in the making, but, we are now we are ready to act. A special and rare US litter of Black and Tan Jacks peaked our interest several months ago. Well, we have waited for them to be born, visited first at 3 days old, and have officially picked our pup at 3 weeks old. Thru friends of friends, Chuck and Phoebe were given a stellar recommendation on homes , so we had first pick of the litter!!! Disposition, not looks, is key to us....but, we believe we have found both in this young male. We plan to pick him up the end of Aug so that we have all the time in the world to spend with him.

Love at first sight. Can we have the whole litter?   

The mama is beautiful inside and out!!!!


Diane Vickery and her Winterzauber, broodmare turned riding horse 9 months ago. Their first dressage show together earned a second place with a 62.5%. Congratulations!!


JUNE, 2010

Only if my heart could smile :) Jack Vickery came to ride Fab for the first time and it was a match made. Both Fab and Zauber have been reunited as broodmare buddies, soon to be trail riding buddies. I wish that I could have ordered a special sunset for the occasion, but, I know that this duo of husband and wife and their equine friends have many real-life sunsets ahead.


MAY 23, 2010

What crazy weather this day brought -- one minute it was sunny, the next rainy, and lots of wind in between!! Unfortunately, Phoebe had a cold and arrived late in the day to capture only a few photos.......

Representations from our farm included: Claudia and Dreamy, Lizzy and Dreamy, Lizzy and Country (qualified for Tr3 Lvl MDA Finals), Suzanne and Counrty, Brianne and Hershey, Hannah and Hershey (High Score JR/YR for the Show!), Jessie and Volly (Qualified for 1st Lvl MDA Finals), and Erin and King. Dreamy, Country and Hershey were superstars in that they "carried" two different riders thru the day.

Hannah & Hershey -- High Score YR!!

Big Sis, Brianne & Hershey

Lizzy & Country off to MDA Finals in Oct!!

Our Girls took the spotlight

MAY 19, 2010

This wonderfully organized show was a pleasure to attend. Our day was light as Claudia, Brianne and Mateja were our only riders. Brianne was absolutely model perfect with red lipstick and all.....she decided to go for it as this was her first Recognized show ever!!! How exciting is to us to see a student that has wet their feet in schooling shows and decide to test the waters at recognized show -- illustrates a positive learning curve. Mateja and Regina, not surprisingly, qualified for the BLM Champs at 1st level. And, well, Prince and Claudia (pulling in a 62%) made a presence.....the judge declared that Prince was definitely not destined to event as he jumped nearly ever water puddle standing in the ring. Lots of laughing ensued, especially as Claudia and I were privy to our concern of the water and spent some time the evening before the show walking and trotting thru any puddle here at the farm that we could find.

MAY 16, 2010
MDA Schooling Show
Here, at Thornridge Manor

What better way to truly get projects complete and start the spring show a show at the farm!!!! Thank you to all of our volunteers. Honestly, there were so many helpful hands that we could have run a 2 ring recognized show without a flaw. We have always believed that our farm is only as nice as the people that are here....well, this show's attendance was a true testament to that knowledge.

The Thornridge Show was an opportunity to kick start the show season, move up a level, and for our customers, it was a place to share new faces and new horses. Several of our young horses made their showing debut and several new MDA members from our crew showed for the first time. We have chosen some of these special photos to share as they mark these new additions.

Thank you to the 7 MDA members/competitors that emailed us personally to thank us for a GREAT show....please know that this means the world to us. The MDA website actually compares our farm to the Longwood Garden....don't we wish, in our dreams!!!!!!!

Representations of our students and horses include: Suzanne and Country, Lizzy and Dare To Dream, Alix and Bionic Gun, Erica and Clifford, Erin and Silver King, Mateja and Felix, Mateja and Regina, Brianne and Patti, Brianne and Hershey, Hannah and Patti, Hanna and Hershey, Jessie and Valaraukar, Emily and Tommy Tunes, Ali and Country, Claudia and Prince, Claudia and Dare To Dream, Rachel and Norman, and sisters, Jenn & Natalie Malinoff. Wow, it was a busy day for Phoebe and Claudia

Erica was so thrilled to show off 4YO Clifford FV      

A Spencer Family Affair

Jessie and Volly's first show ever. Great scores from one of Phoebe's favorite horses!      

Our jumper, Tommy turned dressage TB did not realize that perfect passage was not required in 1st level.

New member, Ali won the award for most spectators.      

72% -- Has Claudia mentioned that Prince is PERFECT??

Phoebe's day was made perfect by the arrival of Linda Fabizak (R). Linda was one of the founding members of MDA and has not attended a show since the mid-90's. We have missed you Linda!!!!


Congratulations to Erin and King on their Third Level debut and clean sweep, receiving High Score Young Rider of the day with a 64.9%. Alix and Lordy also won both of their First Level classes with 64%'s.A whole Thornridge Crew started off the first schooling show of the season as volunteers. Claudia scribed for the day.


The Land Trust Party was an enormous success!! We received a hundred more attendants then our original estimate. A huge thank you to our hosts, Boordy Vineyards -- please check out their summer entertainment schedule and remember every Thursday evening is the local farmers market. Our Caterer is worth mentioning -- please visit Clementines. It is important to keep our beautiful Valley Green.

April 10, 2010 kicked off our upcoming show season. We were feeling bold and sent both of our coming 4 year olds to their very first show. Wallstreet Prince and Claudia were picture perfect in their undersaddle debut....we could not be more pleased for Prince's behavior at his first show!!! Windsong FV and Silva were also picture perfect. Windy caught the attention of many top professional bystanders, evaluating the USEF 4yo classes, in the warm-up arena who were wondering what fabulous mare Silva was riding....but, ever our favorite mare, she pulled a "stinker" moment and escaped the arena entrance at "A", only to have a final elimination....

All in all, we were extremely pleased with the debut of our special youngsters and look forward to a great 2010 season. Stay posted for further updates.

Claudia and Prince -- A well suited match!!!

Silva and Windy -- Impressive at only several weeks undersaddle!!!!

In preparation for the 2010 show season, scheduled to start the beginning of April, we organized several "group rides" in an effort to simulate a small space with many horses in warm-up. As many of the horses that we are competing this year are green and/or ridden by young riders, we knew this was a great idea to get all acclimated to the craziness of recognized shows. This is our first mass ride at the farm...and all went well. The riders are Jessie on Volly (The Pink Squirrel), Hanna on Hershey (The Under Current), Brianne on Patti (The Sangria), Mateja on Regina (The Sapphire Surprise) and Claudia on Prince (The Mint Julep). And, you may be asking why the cocktail names??? Well, unbeknownst to Phoebe, "Sneaky" Claudia had everyone show up in pre-coordinated colors....and, yes, this was a shock to, we all had a blast and named the horse rider combos after cocktails that represented their color du jour.....hence, the "girls just wanta have fun" music to coordinate!!! Trust us, the mom's of the young riders had the final say on the cocktail choices....after all, we are all too young to even know what a Pink Squirrel suggests!!!

MARCH 2010

An "Under Current" pictured from Brianne's wedding in Oct 2009

Spring Clean Up and Projects are happening here at the farm!! Thanks to Kenny and Chuck, the blue stone caps to the outdoor arena letter pillars were installed today. It feels wonderful to come out of this past harsh winter...onward we go!!!

Chuck and I would like to personally thank our dear friend, Less Richardson for joining us on the board of the Long Green Land Trust. Less and Phoebe first met 10+ years ago during the public hearings to allow a commercial equine special exception for our dressage facility. Somehow, President of the Baltimore County Farm Bureau (and now VP), Less encouraged Phoebe to sit on the board....and an immediate life long friendship was formed. So, I guess this additional board position is payback for Less??

The LGLT is having a Preservation Party on April 29th at our Valley's local Boordy Vineyard. Please ask us about more details and join in on our combined efforts to keep the Valley Green and controversial free. In addition to high ranking county officials, Less has been "roped" into speaking at this event. If you are not familiar the intelligence of Less, he is the sole mastermind behind Richardson's Farm, his family's massive vegetable growing and sales operation in Glen Arm and White Marsh, MD -- this multi-generation family operation is in the process of building an enormous retail marketing operation.

Our dear friends Less (R) and VT friends,
Jess and Dan (center) vacationing together in the Bahamas.
Thanks, Less and wife Deb, for a super time!!

We have survived the back to back 2010 Winter Blizzards!!!! After hours of plowing, blowing and shoveling a big thank you goes out to Chuck, Andreas, and Claudia -- this is a well-oiled team. There were several noteable happenings that we did not plan on. After losing power, we could not get the barn generator to activate the water. Who would ever have expected that the well pump would break the first day of the blizzard!! No well service was able to travel the roads for the better part of the week, so the very handy Chuck decided he would attempt to repair/replace the pump himself. As of Monday evening there was water...yippie!! Knowing that the weight of the snow and height of drifts on the barn roof reached 4 feet in some sections, we were really worried with the additional foot of snow expected for the second storm. So, on Tuesday we rose early to pick up a crew of "muscle men" to help us shovel the rooftop. Chuck joined in on the roof with a snow blower; however, this method was probably more difficult then the use of the standard shovel. By the fall of the first snow flakes on Tues afternoon, the entire roof was clear, and we could rest easy, albeit a bit muscle sore, that our horses were safe and secure under a sound roof. Out hearts go out to the many who lost their barns and indoors during this unreal blizzard of 2010. We send special hugs to Aviva Nebeski and Laura Leroy Roemer for their indoor collapse.......

Throughout 2009, many of our student's achievements have been recognized in The Equiery. But, we have to take the time to congratulate so many of our students that are pictured in print and photos for the February 2010 issue of The Equiery Who's Who in Maryland.

Pictured in the 2009 Yearbook -- Elizabeth Loundas & Country Bumpkin, Alix Day & Bionic Gun, Anna Schmitt & Liam, Mateja Zdanis & Regina L. These girls were also mentioned in the Who's Who in MD Dressage.

Pictured as a Maryland News Maker -- Anna Schmitt's writing skills were announced as she was the top scholar awarded the United States Eventing Association 2010 Worth The Trust Young Adult Scholarship. Anna will keep a journal of her 2010 lessons, clinics and educational experiences. We will share with you some of her journey throughout the year.

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