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Listed in the next 13 Current News Updates are the Year End Results from our main residents at Thornridge. Everyone had a super competitive season on their horse, but, most importantly, our farm worked together as a team to help support one another AND we put in a ton of volunteer time with our local club, the MDA. Some students showed only at MDA schooling shows, while others did both schooling and recognized show, while still others only did recognized shows and regional championships. Therefore, we have an impressive line up of MDA awards, USDF Horse of the Year Awards, All Breed Awards, and both Local and National Scholarships and/or Grants.

In mid-summer of 2011, PHOEBE RETURNED BACK TO THE SHOW RING WITH A BANG. After a 2006 severe lower back injury and 3 spinal surgeries for repair, Phoebe is a riding miracle!!! Her own, Windsong FV had an amazing start to her show career and plans have been made for the pair to head off to compete in FL this coming winter 2013. In addition to Windy, Veronica, Vinca and Brisk will head to FL with Phoebe.

Pictured here is the Thornridge Crew at the MDA awards banquet. Phoebe and Claudia would like to extend a huge thank you as we were greatly surprised with the two page layout thanking us for your accomplishments -- well, you are welcome and we certainly could not have done it without your dedication. Phoebe would like to thank Mary Riggle for accepting all of her awards as the banquet occurred on our take off day to FL -- so sorry to have missed all the excitement.


Erica Degele & Clifford FV -- 2011

  • MDA CHAMPION Intro Level A, Young Rider Division
  • MDA SILVER MEDAL Rider Achievement
This pair WILL Canter in 2012 Shows!!!

Elizabeth Loundas & Dare To Dream -- 2011

  • MDA RESERVE CHAMPION Intro Level B, Young Rider Division
  • MDA GOLD MEDAL Rider Achievement

Alexandra Riggle & Donnermagic -- 2011

  • MDA CHAMPION Training Level A, Young Rider Division
  • MDA GOLD MEDAL Rider Achievement
  • Caitlin Ben-Dror Memorial Education Grant

Phoebe DeVoe-Moore & Beaujoulais -- 2011

  • MDA CHAMPION Intro Level Young Horse Division
  • MDA GOLD MEDAL Rider Achievement
Phoebe shared "Roo's" ride with Amanda Beffel

Phoebe DeVoe-Moore & Windsong FV -- 2011

  • MDA CHAMPION Training Level Young Horse Division
  • MDA GOLD MEDAL Rider Achievement
  • MDA BIG MACK PERPETUAL TROPHY Awarded to Highest Averaged Training Level Rider/Horse
  • MDA JOYCE B. BROCCOLINO AWARD Training Grant based on Long Term Service to the Club
  • MDA INSTRUCTOR of the YEAR based on Students Year End Averages
  • Placed 131st USDF HOY Training Level
  • Placed 5th in AHHA All Breeds Training Level
  • Placed 16th in USDF HOY Materiale 4/5yo Mare
  • RESERVE CHAMPION AHHA All Breeds Materiale 4/5yo Mare
  • Received Many HIGH SCORE Training Level Horse/Rider awards at Recognized Shows.
  • Received GRAND CHAMPION of Entire Show at PVDA Oak Ridge Recognized Show
  • Competed in Region 1 BLM Championships at Training Level
  • Competed in USDF/GAIG Championships at Training Level
  • Qualified For 2013 BLM Championships at First Level in October with First Level Debut

Amanda Beffel & Beaujoulais -- 2011

  • MDA RESERVE CHAMPION Training Level Young Horse Division
  • MDA GOLD MEDAL Rider Achievement
  • CHAMPION USEF/PHR Dressage Sport Horse Breeding -- Materiale
  • 7th Place UDSF HOY Materiale 3yo Mare
  • RESERVE CHAMPION OLD/GOV All Breeds Materiale 3yo Mare
Winner of Training Level Class at only recognized performance show attended.

Claudia Kleinsmith & Wallstreet Prince -- 2011

  • MDA CHAMPION First Level Young Horse Division
  • MDA GOLD MEDAL Rider Achievement
  • MDA President's Unsung Hero's Award
  • Placed 375th in USDF HOY First Level
  • Placed 39th in AHS All Breed Award First Level
  • Placed 20th in USDF HOY Materiale 4/5yo Colt/Gelding
  • Placed 4th in Region 1 BLM Championships at First Level
This pair made their debut into Second Level in the fall of 2011

Kathryn Schultz & Donnermagic -- 2011

  • MDA RESERVE CHAMPION First Level Young Horse Division
  • MDA GOLD MEDAL Rider Achievement

Loretta Krach & Wallstreet Rising -- 2011

  • MDA THIRD PLACE First Level Young Horse Division
  • MDA SILVER MEDAL Rider Achievement
This pair competed Recognized Shows at First Level

Suzanne Veltri & Country Bumpkin -- 2011

  • MDA CHAMPION Intro Level, Novice Division
  • MDA BRONZE MEDAL Rider Achievement

Diane Vickery & Winterzauber -- 2011

  • MDA CHAMPION Intro Level A, Open Division
  • MDA GOLD MEDAL Rider Achievement
  • This pair made a move up to Training Level at the last show of the season!
Diane wrote to Phoebe: "You are a great trainer to be able to take an old fox hunter and a broodmare and turn them into a dressage pair!"

Jacqueline Caldwell & JC's Keely of Texel -- 2011

  • MDA CHAMPION First Level B, Open Division
  • MDA SILVER MEDAL Rider Achievement
  • MDA Writing Award
This pair is prepping for their 2013 debut into recognized shows.

Suzanne Rittler & Brisk -- 2011

This pair competed all season at Recognized Shows in First Level 2 & 3. They participated in both Region 1 BLM Championships and USDF/GAIG Championships at First Level. They also made a move up to Second Level in November. Suzanne & Brisk are preparing for a 2012 winter in FL with Phoebe.


Phoebe, Chuck, Claudia, and, of course, CEILI, GOPHER, and RERUN would like to extend a huge HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all of of Thornridge Friends & Family!!!! It has been an amazing 2011, thanks to all of our supporters, and we believe that it's only gonna get better. We wish everyone Health & Happiness in the year 2012!!!

November 2011

Betty Thorpe called Phoebe to interview her about the September 18th Oak Ridge Show....the extensive interview is printed in the PVDA November 2011 Newsletter, along with a canter photo of the pair. The interview reflects Windy's breeding, early breed show competition results and performance at recent shows. Phoebe & Windsong FV had the HIGH SCORE OF THE OAK RIDGE LICENSED SHOW winning Training Level 2 with a 72.8%.
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Jackie and her mare arrived at Thornridge the beginning of September 2011 and immediately asked Phoebe to do a "Trainer's Letter" as part of her Scholarship Application due on Sept 15th. So, Phoebe sat down at her desk and came up with a goal-oriented game plan for progressing this pair. In addition to the trainers letter, the scholarship application consisted of a letter from the applicant, 3 recommendations, and 2 verifications of volunteering in a GMO. Phoebe was so excited for this possible opportunity for Jackie -- even before becoming the President of The Maryland Dressage Association, Jackie has always seemed so dedicated to her both her own riding career and the health of her local dressage club/community. Specifically, the requirements for the scholarship included that applicant, 1) must be a GMO member, 2) must have strong volunteer history with GMO/Region, 3) must own a horse they wish to receive training with. Jackie received her Letter of Acceptance on November 17th!!!! The scholarship is dedicated to giving one Adult Amateur in each of USDF's nine Regions an opportunity to spend one week away from the daily pressures of job and family and spend concentrated (usually with one trainer) time training their horse.

Jackie, we are so thrilled for you and Keely to have this opportunity together. However, you are already a "Thornridge Resident" and have access to us on a regular basis, so Phoebe is dedicated to finding some educational field trips to happen during your week of intense training -- so, let the planning begin!!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We love to hear from the sibling owners of our own personal horses and from the new owners of our sale horses!!! PLEASE KEEP the reports coming. We are happy to share your great news with everyone. Here are a few reports that we received in November 2011......

Lauren Fithian & Devon: Devon is Dressed To Kill's 3 yo full sibling -- she is Lauren's "special pet," too!!! Lauren is so sweet to always keep us posted on how Devon continues to grow, but the most exciting news is that she is underdaddle. Lauren says that in a few rides undersaddle she was cantering in both directions and, "really has one of the best minds and always strives to please!" Lauren, we are thrilled for you and cannot wait ride our own Calvin next spring.

Madeline Bletzaker & Drummer Boy: Phoebe purchased Drummer from Equanimity Farm this past spring and even before we were able to break this handsome 3 yo, Madeline contacted and bought him!!! We could not have asked to place Drummer with a finer lifelong home. Immediately upon his travel to Ohio, Madeline started riding Drummer and by the beginning of October, she was showing him!!! At his first dressage show, he competed in 4 tests and scored well into the 70's on most of them. Madeline indicated that, "He was awesome!!! He got a 9 on his canter. He had a great experience." At the end of October, the pair headed off to the KYHP for a combined test and Drummer won with a 25%!! The following week, they headed off to a schooling show at Gypsy Woods Farm and again won all 4 of their tests!!! Madeline is over the top about her new partner and reports that, "So far he was 1st in all 10 classes at 3 shows. Great start to his career. We are done with show season and are taking a break now." WOW, Madeline, we cannot wait to hear what you two superstars are up to in 2012....BEST OF LUCK!!!!

Heather Stiffel & It's All Love: Heather has bought several horses from Thornridge over the years, Love being her first horse. Phoebe/Chuck/Claudia and Heather/Art/Noel have maintained a life long friendship ever since meeting -- heck, we even experienced the 2011 earthquake with each other!!!! Here is Heather's 2011 update:

" Well, the end of October means the end of Dressage Season. 2011 has been a rough year for the horses of Love's Rest but as always we just claw our way back from injury and setbacks. Love as always is amazing to us because he just keeps on trying. He had High Score today for Training Level and a very solid First Level Test. For the 2011 season, we Championed in not only Training Level but in First Level. He also received the Highest Score of all levels this season - it was his Training Level Test in May at 74%. Because of his consistent work through out the 2011 season, I received the High Score Champion Award for Adult Riders. To It's All Love, I thank you for 4 wonderful years of riding and many more to come." Thornridge does not sell many TB's, but Phoebe fell in love with Love and decided to give him a go..he just was special!! We were lucky to have found him his best friend in Heather. Hugs to both of you!!!!!

Devon is Undersaddle YEAH!!

Drummer Boy at TM

Kudos to Heather & It's All Love

Love's Year End Awards!!!

OCTOBER 30, 2011

The MDA Fun Show is designed to be just that -- FUN!!! It is scheduled in the fall after the Finals, scores still count toward year end awards, BUT formal show attire is not required, AND there is a costume class.......summarily it is BIG FUN!!!!! Thornridge loves to host this show and, as a farm group, we also like to accomplish three goals: 1) finish up all year end requirements, 2) make a move up in the levels, and 3) dress-up!!!!! If you recall from the 2010 Fun Show, Phoebe & Foxy sported rats in our costume -- as in this was the first time everyone met ANDREW!!!!!

Thornridge had a whopping 13 horse/rider combinations at this show AND we have pictures of EVERYONE having some fun. Please ENJOY.........

Megan Applebaum & Sandro Smile: This pair competed for the first time together winning IntroA&B with scores up to 75%.

Diane Vickery & Winterzauber: This pair rode tests with a canter for the first time. After their great success, Diane sent Phoebe an email stating: "This proves what a great trainer you are -- to be able to take an old fox hunter with a broodmare and turn them into a dressage pair!" Well, Diane, we congratulate you for overcoming your fear of cantering and congratulate you on a season well done. Many hugs!!!!

Phoebe & Beaujolais: This pair still needed a few scores for year end awards, so they stayed at IntoB& C, winning both with scores up to 74%. What a wonderful 3yo Roo has proved to be!!!!

Laurie Berglie & Mysty Mystique: This was student's Laurie's first dressage show ever....she was nervous, but her special gray mare prevailed. Husband, James, is a professional photographer and provided pics for us. This pair scored up to 60% in IntoA&B.

Elizabeth Loundas & Dare To Dream: This pair is finding their grove with cantering but still needed to fulfill some requirements for year end awards, so they reluctantly rode all 3 Into Tests. But, getting to dress 4 yo Dreamy up as PIRATE was well worth it!!!!!

Amanda & Beaujolis: Amanda and Roo ended their season with a BANG, scoring upwards of 71% in Training Level 1& 2 to fulfill their year end requirements.

Alexandra Riggle & Donnermagic -- This is the last show slated for this this pair and it was truly wonderful to witness them have fun together, finish up their Training Level year end requirements AND show their SPECIAL RAVENS FOOTBALL CHEER!!!!

Loretta Krauch & Wallstreet Rising, Kathryn Schultz & Donnermagic, and Claudia Kleinsmith & Wallstreet Prince: These rider/horse pairs are all 3 residents of Thornridge and they have competed against each other ALL season long in First Level. Some days one is the winner and some days another is the winner, it truly makes no difference as we all work together as a group to support each other. Thank you to all 3 of you for cheering each other on -- you are examples of what The Thornridge Crew is ALL ABOUT!!!! Now, with that said, Prince was quite handsome in his "fitting" SNAPPING TURTLE costume....LOVED IT!!!!!

Beverly Barnes & Prophecy: I cannot express how special it was to witness Bev and "CeCe" show for the first time in at least a decade. Bev is one of the founders of the MDA and her history with Phoebe dates since Phoebe was "knee-high." Bev is part of the family and has struggled for years with extreme back issues.......most individuals would never ride again, but not Bev, she gives it her best. We had a hard time choosing a test for Bev to show as her mare has international passage and most days, onto a very settled 2nd level test this pair took home a blue!!!!

Suzanne Rittler & Brisk: This pair successfully practiced their Second Level Tests and are preparing for a winter in FL. YEAH!!!!

Jacqueline Caldwell & JC's Keely of Texel: Oh yeah, it was time to make a move up to Second Level 2& 3 -- Great Job for your first time, scoring 60% both tests. Woohoo!!!!!

Laurie & Mysty

Lizzy & Dreamy are Pirates!!

Ali & Magic

Ali & Magic have Football Cheer!!

Claudia & Prince

Prince is the Resident Snapping Turtle!!!

Loretta & Wally

Kat & Magic

Amanda & Beaujolais

Phoebe & Beaujolais

Hanging out at Show

Beverly & Prophecy

Megan & Sandro Smile

Diane & Winterzauber

Suzanne & Brisk

Jackie & Keely

USDF/GAIG Region 1 Finals and VADA Fall Dressage Show
October 22-23, 2011

After such a rough time of things at the BLM Championships, Phoebe and Suzanne went off to the GAIG Finals with their tails a bit tucked. Thank you to Claudia who chose not to ride but had a blast grooming for us -- YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! Thank you, also, to Jackie for coming with us to help groom for the weekend -- now that's the Thornridge Spirit!!!! Although the warm up areas are much more wide spread in Lexington compared to NJHP, this show is HUGE, and alone can be overwhelming, especially with a youngster. Although both Phoebe & Suzanne competed in the Championship classes, they were more interested in ending their 2011 recognized show season with a level-move-up -- we like to be forward thinking!!!!

Suzanne & Brisk: Unfortunately, Phoebe had a riding conflict and was not able to warm-up this pair for their Championship ride. After long discussions on how to ride every movement, Suzanne remained very nervous...she went off course, and well, she showed a few unnecessary flying changes in her First Level GAIG Championship Class, keeping herself out of the ribbons. BUT, they rallied and had a wonderful 2nd level debut at a hugely competitive show!!!! Great Job!!!!! You are ready for Second Level...don't look back, just be forward thinking.

Phoebe & Windsong FV: Poor Windy was so overwhelmed by the BLM environment that it was no surprise to Phoebe that her smart mare carried a few negative experiences with her onto Lexington. Windy only got better and better every ride -- unfortunately for us, though, her first ride was the Training Level GAIG Championship Class. Hey, Phoebe was thrilled with her 61.2% score that had a range from a 1 to a 9 -- we aren't interested in a training level horse anyway-- Windy is FEI quality all the way. Even in her First Level Classes, Windy never kept her feet on the ground they way she was directed to -- yup, there was rearing and bucking -- but this pair still ribboned in every large class with scores up to 64.8% in First Level. Hmmmm......Phoebe left this show thinking that maybe Windy needs to keep showing and head to FL for more mileage.....and so the thought of a possible winter journey began.

Phoebe & Windy

Suzanne & Brisk

Windy is onto First Level........

Suzanne is onto Second Level......

October 14-15, 2011

This horse show was a doozie to say the least -- we were ALL thankful to arrive home in one piece!! The warm up arena was completely gross and boggy and slippery from heavy rains. Not to mention, the warm up was way overcrowded -- it serviced 5 show rings at once. Not to mention, there was severely dropped temperatures coupled with 30 mile per hour winds!!! Riders were getting bucked off not only in the warm up arena but in competition rings as well -- we narrowly avoided this catastrophe!!! And, at the end of the day, Phoebe & Chuck celebrated their 6 year great surprise it was at a horse show!!! Chuck is the best -- he said that his greatest pleasure was watching Windy...even if she was a stinker!!!!

Suzanne Rittler & Brisk: This pair had a very respectable performance in the CBLM Finals Senior A Division to score 61.6%. Suzanne puts a lot of pressure on herself and was emotional that she did not ribbon, but, Phoebe reminded her that she started her showing season very late and should be proud of herself for being a participant in the finals to begin with. Shucks, this is the first year that Suzanne has even competed 1st level and she only has up to go from here!!!

Claudia & Wallstreet Prince: This pair did not have their most settled ride, but still scored a 65.27% to win 4th Place in the CBLM Finals Senior A Division. We were all shocked with their score but also know that the judges LOVE Prince!!! Prince definitely HATES NJHP.....he was very stallion-like to handle all weekend and was so tense in the warm-up arena that we decided to make the safe decision and scratch his 2nd level rides planned. Claudia handled herself like a Champ and what little confidence Prince had all weekend, he found solely from his best friend, Claudia. At one point, our favorite "British Friend" had to help Claudia out of the courtyard trees because Prince ran backwards and they were stuck on a branch -- OH MY!!!!!

Phoebe & Windsong FV: After their showing debut in early August, this pair has set the world on fire with consistent high scores and grand champion awards. But, the NJHP Finals environment proved to be overwhelming for Windy. She struggled in the overcrowded and sloppy warm up space available and her immaturity was highlighted. Windy became very self-protective and aggressive toward any horse that got near her -- yup, lots of rearing and leaping and lunging ensued. Phoebe needed an escort to get from warm up into any competition ring because if Windy saw anything, either people or horse related, approach her, she was making a 180 and wheeling the other way. Windy unfortunately scared a lot of people but not Phoebe.....the trust is there. At the end of the day, Windy was very tense and, well, let's just say, SILLY in her CBLM Training Level Finals Senior Division B to score 61.9% and in the bottom rung of the class -- oh well, that is edgy-young-horses-for-ya!! The good news is that Phoebe knew her intelligent mare was bored to death with training level so they showed first level for the rest of the show. The pair qualified for CBLM 2012 Finals at First Level with ease and plan to only ride training level once more at GAIG!!!

Claudia: 4th Place in 1st Lvl BLM Champs!!

Yup, That's a Buck Brewing!!

Phoebe Congratulates Claudia

Yup, There Was A Buck Coming!!!!

Now that's my nice Windy

Windy Qualified for CBLM 1st LVL 2012

October 9, 2011

Thornridge took a total of 9 horse and rider combinations to the MDA Finals 2011. Everyone of our students that tried to qualify for the Final's Championship Class DID!!! And, we took Champion in every division that our students competed in!!!! Competing in the Finals is not just about getting qualifying scores, but every rider must put in volunteer time for the club. I am more proud of the excessive volunteer efforts that Thornridge represented then I am of their scores -- Thank you to all of our crew for their involvement with the MDA!!! For the first time, Phoebe handed off the camera to Claudia -- well, she took a ton of pictures -- actually, she somehow managed to fill up 2 large cards in just two rides....LOL!!! Needless to say, Claudia may need a little more practice and there were a lot of rides that we were not able to photograph. Thank you to Claudia Weeks for providing us with the ribbon-photo-shoots represented in the below photographs.

Elizabeth Loundas & Dare To Dream: This dream team scored a 71% in IntroA and a 68% in IntroB. They have definitely found their canter button, scoring a 70.5% in IntroC.

Phoebe & Beaujolais: This pair needed one more score for year end awards and scored a 66.8% in IntroB.

Alexandra Riggle & Donnermagic: Ali leases Magic from her owner, Kathryn. This pair was Training Level Young Rider Champion with a 54.6%.

Phoebe & Windsong FV: The exposure at schooling shows this season has been invaluable to Windy in her first season of competition. This pair was Training Level Young Horse Champion with a 68.5%. They also scored a 71% in Tr3.

Amanda Beffel & Beaujolais: Amanda has been leasing Roo all season from her FL based owner. This pair was Training Level Young Horse Third Place with a 60%.

Jackie Caldwell & JC's Keely of Texel: This pair has been scoring gang busters since their arrival to Thornridge just a little over a month ago. They were First Level Open Champions with a 63.7%.

Claudia Kleinsmith & Wallstreet Prince: This pair has been pulling in super scores all season. They were First Level Young Horse Champions with a 68.6%.

Kathryn Schultz & Donnermagic: Judges just love Magic!! This pair was First Level Young Horse Reserve Champion with a 65.6%.

Loretta Krauch & Wallstreet Rising: Loretta and Wally keep getting better and better all year!! They were First Level Young Horse Third Place with a 63.78%.

Phoebe & Windy: Tr Lvl YH Champions

Lizzy & Dreamy Score 71%

Phoebe & Windy Score 71%

Phoebe & 3YO Beaujolais

Third Place in TR YH Finals

Amanda & Beaujolais

Claudia & Prince: 1st Lvl YH Champions

Loretta & Wally: 1st Lvl YH 3rd Place

Kat & Magic: 1st Lvl YH Res Champs

Ali & Magic: Tr Lvl YR Champions

Jackie & Keely -- 1st Lvl Open Champions

The Thornridge Cheering Section!!!

PVDA at Oak Ridge
September 18. 2011

After a long day at MDA schooling show on Saturday, a few of us headed off for a one-day recognized show in Hughesville. The set up of the facility was very user friendly, and so was the management. We also had pre-arranged to park the trailer beside our friends, Heather and Art Stiffel, so it was a pleasure to catch up with them. Loretta and Wallstreet Rising had their best rides, to date, in First Lvl 2&3 with scores up to 63.2%. They placed 2nd and 4th, respectively. Suzanne and Brisk took home 2nd place in First 3 with a well earned 63.5%. The star of the day was Windsong: As the third ride of the day, Phoebe and Windy produced a great Training Level 2 ride, scoring 72.8%, creaming the class, AND ultimately were awarded Grand Champion High Score of the Show!!!! Thank you to PVDA for such beautiful ribbons and awards!!!!

Loretta & Wally Score High Today!

Suzanne & Brisk Score High Today!!

Phoebe & Windy

High Score of Show!!

Tranquility Manor Farm
MDA Schooling Show
September 17, 2011

Today was not the best of weather: clouds and much rain. However, it was a successful show for the Thornridge Crew and we had a day full of fun. Out of a total of 12 rides, we won 9 classes and had 2nd place in the other 3 classes......NOT TOO SHABBY!!! And, as with all schooling shows, we were, yet again, the first trailer to arrive and the last to leave.

Phoebe & Beaujolais: Roo is such an amazing 3 is no surprise that she won Intro B Young Horse with a whopping 75%.

Amanda & Beaujolais: Amanda was a bit nervous for her first test, so she rode conservatively and took 2nd place in TR2 YH with a 63.9%. After a pep talk from Phoebe, she rallied to win Tr3 YH with a 68.4%. In addition to qualifying for MDA Finals, Amanda and Roo were also HIGH SCORE SENIOR RIDER of the day!!!!

Suzanne & Country: This pair took home all blues at Intro A&B Open. Suzanne was feeling confident in Country and got him more forward then typical at a show to score into the 60% range!!!

Lizzy & Dare To Dream: This pair was determined to canter on both leads correctly the first try -- they DID!!! And they also had awesome Intro YR scores: A=74.3%, B=75.6%, C=69.5%.

Welcome Jackie Caldwell & JC's Keely of Texel: Jackie joined Thornridge the beginning of September and we set our immediate goal to get good scores at First Level at Tranquility. Jackie had been competing First Level all season with lack-luster scores AND she had been told that her mare would never be able to lengthen the trot, amongst other things. Jackie was really down upon her arrival to TM so Phoebe took special care to get this pair ready to shine 3 weeks later. Yes, Keely can lengthen and yes, she will only get stronger and stronger......I encourage everyone to take a seat and see what this special mare will be able to produce in the show ring....she is very special and we are thrilled to have both Jackie and Keely as part of Thornridge. Congrats to Jackie for winning both ofher rides: First Lvl2 = 67.5% and First Lvl3 = 68.3%. Had jackie not gone off course in her Test 3, she would have inched out Amanda for high score senior!!

Anna & Liam: Anna has been a very busy college student with internships, so this is the first show all season that the pair was able to attend. Congrats for your wins at First Lvl3 = 66% and Second Lvl1 = 64.2%. It was a real treat hanging out with Anna and her Mom, Kathy, at this show.

Lizzy & Dreamy

Phoebe & Beaujolais

Amanda & Beaujolais

Suzanne CAN score in the 60's!!!

Keely CAN Lengthen!!!

Dreamy CAN Canter!!!

SEPTEMBER 10, 2011
!!!!!!!!BARN PARTY!!!!!!!!!

After much planning and picking a date that we would not be showing (that is how life rolls....), Thornridge had a BARN PARTY to CELEBRATE, most importantly, Claudia's 30th BIRTHDAY and our final OFFICE/LOUNGE REMODEL 'REVEAL.' The afternoon/evening was full of great fun and RAVEN'S CHEER!!! Sara made purple drinks for the occasion....but when Steeler's Fan, Suzanne V. found out about this she unexpectedly arrived with black and yellow jello shooters. Oh my!!! I would not only like to extend several THANK YOUs, but I would also like to indicate that our office may never be this clean again, so enjoy while you can...........

Thank You: To my exceptional husband, Chuck, to Fredy, and to KENNY for working tireless hours this past winter for doing the 'in-house' remodeling and keeping my budget at bay!! As you can see, Kenny earned himself a huge hug from Claudia and a chair with his name tag on it for the party!!!!!

Thank You: To Lizzy Loundas family for helping with the catering -- I know you gave Thornridge a great deal!! I encourage all of TM supporters to frequent The Padonia Station and Bill Bateman Restaurants!!!!

Thank You: To our 85+ party are the reason our party was so special and we appreciate you being a huge part of our life!!!!

Goal for 2012: Organize myself better and have a Year End/Holiday Celebration!!!!

Stone Tavern Breed Show 2
Thurs, September 1, 2011

Since we had already taken Windsong, Wallstreet Prince & Beaujoulais, we decided to make the trip to NJHP for the second day of the Breed Show and then stay overnite and compete the following day at the Performance Show. The combined trip proved to be a rewarding decision.

Prince WON his 4/5yo Materiale Class with a whopping 76.1% and we are pleased to report that he will never need to attend a breed show for the rest of his life. After all, he does not really appreciate the purpose of these shows....Hah!! Windy placed 2nd in her 4/5yo Materiale Class with a 74.7%, while Beaujoulais, a 3 yo, competed in the same combined mare class to take 5th place. No pictures available from the actual Material Classes as it was all held indoors and lighting is not good.

Stone Tavern Performance Show
Friday, September 2, 2011

We certainly took advantage of being able to combine our NJ trip to include both the Breed Show and the Performance Show, however, we only competed performance on Friday.

Suzanne & Brisk: After hanging out all day on Thurs with us, Brisk had a chance to strut his stuff on Friday. The pair had scores up to 65% at 1st Lvl 2&3, including a GAIG Qualifing score. We were very happy with this pairs scores as we felt they had been a bit "jipped" at Foxcroft!!!
Claudia & Prince: Well, our Prince was quite the 'princess' this show...he was very overwhelmed by NJHP and did not perform his best. Actually, for safety reasons, we decided to scratch his 2nd lvl test. of these days, he might just actually grow up? Kudos to Claudia for believing is his perfect prince-ness!!
Amanda & Beaujoulais: Roo and her AA rider CREAMED THE CLASS -- Tr1 winners with a 64%!!! This was both of their first-ever recognized show. Equitation rider-now committed-to dressage rider, Amanda, was ALSO riding the ONLY 3YO on the show grounds. WooHoo!!!!
Phoebe & Windsong: Windy is certainly destined to shine in the show ring. She can be a bit of a handful and immature in the warm-up, but then she pulls it all together in the ring. She had two nearly flawless and expressive rides to take 2nd place with a 65% at TR2, and again, to take 2nd place with a 73% at TR3 (3rd place was a 66% in this class).

Amanda & "Roo" Win!!

Prince HATES NJHP...Hah!!!

Phoebe & Windy Score 73+%!!!

Best Score Yet = 65+%!!!

AUGUST 20-21, 2012

We have been going to Dressage at Foxcroft for many years and it is always our favorite show to participate in!! Thornridge Manor has so many wonderful stories that get shared about this show that I believe the show itself has almost become historical for us. All new comers to TM anxiously await this Aug show that always produces enormous camaraderie among us all. This year Thornridge was represented by 7 horse and rider pairs:

Claudia & Legacy of Gold: Goldie stayed with us after her inspection so that she could get to her first recognized show!! Goldie did not disappoint as she won TR 1 with a 62%.
Claudia & Wallstreet Prince: Since this pair had been showing so well at First Level all season, we decided Foxcroft was the perfect venue to move up to 2nd Level. After several errors of course, this team still presented a respectable 2nd level debut.
Suzanne & Brisk: This pair keeps getting better and better, with First Level scores up to 60%. Even though the final scores were a bit lower then expected, we all felt that this pair had their finest performance to date.
Loretta & Wallstreet Rising: Wally and Loretta made great improvement at this show and Wally began to settle into a showing atmosphere upon each ride. Husband Phil always comes to Foxcroft, that was great to spend the weekend with him!!
Adrienne & McCann: Showing only on Sunday, this pair placed 6th in Tr2 with a 60.3% and 2nd in Tr3 with a 64.8%. This was the pairs first recognized show.
Scott & Personal Boy: Freebie and Scott made their 3rd Level debut on Sunday -- they placed 4th in the class!!
Phoebe & Windsong: Windy was the star of the show and I had to keep telling other trainers/people she was NOT for sale!! Windy was undefeated at Tr2 and TR3 all weekend with scores as high as 69.6%. She received some of the highest scores achieved for the entire show, both days. She was Training Level Champion Horse both Sat and Sunday and received all finals qualifying scores. Not bad! as she is just beginning to start her showing career.

Goldie's First Show.

Suzanne & Brisk.

Loretta & Wally.

Claudia & Prince Go 2nd Lvl!

Phoebe & Windsong.

Lizzy baby-sits Prince.

Phoebe & Windy

Phoebe & Windy

Ribbons: Windy ROCKED!!

The TM Crew.

Our Calvin Is Growing up Quickly!!!
August 2011

After hearing the reports of Romy's re-inspection, we decided to get some video footage of Calvin. Here he is the summer of his 2yo year. Calvin has such a sense of humor and he just could not believe that his best friends were chasing him around!!! He brings a smile to all of our faces and we are anxiously awaiting the ability to ride him this coming winter.

Casanova Farm
AHS Inspection Hosted by Hawk Hollow Farm
Photos by: Stacy Lynn

We are thrilled to report that Wallstreet Romance was presented by Chris Kroph for a re-inspection and she scored well above a 7....yeah!! Romy is a wonderful proven broodmare -- all three of her offspring's quality speaks for itself. Both Bonnie Lass (show name: Bliss) and our own Dressed To Kill have impressive show records!!! Chris also rode Romy in her MPT and there were certainly some highlights to share. The good news is that the German Judge was over the top about her jumping ability and wanted to score her at a 9.5 -- but the ending score was 8.5 due to apparent differences of opinions. The bad news is that the weather was total down pour so the riding portion of the test had to be performed in the indoor -- well, we all know Romy is a bit of a chicken-little in enclosed spaces -- she much prefers outdoor arena, so her rideability score of a 5 brought her gait and jumping score down just low enough to miss her elite status. Chris did a wonderful job riding and preparing her for the MPT and I thank her profusely for giving it her best effort. Truly, at the end of the day, I could care less what status Romy is...I already know what she produces!!! Romy is expecting a 2012 foal by Rascalino -- I'm sure it will be equally as beautiful as our own Calvin!!! Best of Luck to Chris and Romy on the delivery of a healthy 2011 foal!!! And, thank you to Chris for doing the right thing by a broodmare that stole my heart.

Flamingo Day
August 16, 2011

Adrienne and Phoebe were headed off to the annual Blue Goose Stable Flamingo Day celebration and schooling show when Adrienne banged her forehead on the trailer door. The trailer got the best of her and upon Phoebe's insisting, she ended up at Patient First to get multiple staples in her head. So, we never made it the show or to hang out in a wonderfully social atmosphere with friends. Here are some pictures of Phoebe's outfit for the day. Now that we have another year ahead to prepare for the 2012 show....lots of the Thornridge Crew is planning to attend next year...and we have tons of time to dress ourselves and our horses up in pink surprises. Check back next year for another go at the Flamingo Day from the Thornridge Crew.....

AHS Inspection and MPT
August 13, 2011

A 4 yo AHS mare that we sold over this past winter came back for a 6 week period to be prepped for her Inspection and MPT. Legacy of Gold is one of our favorite sale horses and has an incredible heart. Chuck practiced her on the triangle and had a wonderful tour the day of the inspection securing her score well above a 7.....few horses can move as well as Goldie!!! Goldie also did an amazing job in the jump shoot....she scored lower then we thought was fair as the judges "wanted more sitting power in take off"....well, Goldie is only 15.2H and she has to cover the same ground a 17H mare in the same shoot....her form and reliability and height jumped was unsurpassed the day of inspection. But, I guess she still did not have what the judges were looking for in a elite mare candidate that day.....oh well, we know what a wonderful quality horse she is and both Goldie and her owner, Heather Stiffle, are already cleaning up in dressage shows. Quickly after the results were announced, Phoebe, Chuck and Claudia were back on the road and got home in just enough time to join in the 52nd wedding anniversary celebration for Phoebe's parents.

Dressage at Blue Goose III
August 10, 2011

The regular recognized show crew of Loretta Krauch and Wallstreet Rising, Suzanne Rittler and Brisk and Claudia Kleinsmith and Wallstreet Prince all showed First Level 2&3. Phoebe made the goal of the day for them to show more power in their horse's gaits while still being connected. Well, the pep talk worked as Claudia ribboned in both very large classes and Loretta and Suzanne inched their scores up into the low 60's. Great Job!!!! This show marked the second outing for Phoebe and her Windsong FV: the pair had scores up to 69+%. Windsong certainly has no objection to releasing her power at a show (LOL), so the goal of the day was better quality halts and the motto was "straight is great." Here are some pictures of our four competing horses of the day...................

VADA/Nova at Morven Park
July 30-31, 2011

When owner Juliana Whittenburg asked if we would have time in our show schedule to do 3 Material Classes with her 3 yo Old/GOV, Beaujoulais, we jumped at the chance to ride Windsong FV and Wallstreet Prince in the Material Classes, too. Windy and Prince grew up doing the Breed Shows and it was a good chance to catch up with our friends only seen in the breeding circuit!!! On Saturday, Phoebe and Windy placed 2nd with a 70.6% in the class while Amanda Beffel and Beaujoulais scored a 70.5% for 3rd place. Claudia and Prince did a super job but the judge was not feeling the "princely magic" that day......oh well. On Sunday, placings were reversed as Amanda and Roo with a 71.3% inched in a first place finish one tenth of a point in front of Phoebe and Windy. Judge Sunday liked Prince and scored him a well deserved 3rd. Prince on the other hand is still not too sure he really likes the Breed Shows -- please view picture below to see how he feels about running around in circles!!! It was really great fun adding theses shows to our summer, especially as Windy and Roo are sisters, both sired by the late Holsteiner, Le Santo. The two mares have remarkably alike work ethics, talent and beauty.


Jenn and sale horse Bonny (show name: Bliss) have been doing super in the hunter jumpers all season. At Just 4 yo, here is a video of Bonny with trainer Dorna Taintor. The pair placed 2nd out of a field of 36 with this wonder jump round at Swan Lake. Bonny Lass is the first foal from Thornridge Manor's broodmare, Wallstret Romance. Phoebe purchased Bonny as an unbroken 3 yo from breeder Equanimity Farm Sporthorses and sold her to Jenn in the summer of 2010. Jenn, we could not have asked for a better home for Bonny!!! Enjoy the video of this great youngster........

Dressage at the Park, NJHP
July 16, 2011

After having bad luck at Blue Goose, Suzanne was able to get herself and Phoebe into NJHP Show very last, off to New Jersey we went for the day. Suzanne Rittler and Brisk had two very respectable tests at First 2&3 but the scoring for the day was, comparatively to the rest of the season, on the low side. Qualifying scores were not achievable for the pair but the scoring only got them more motivated to do better at the next show!! This show marked Phoebe and her Windsong FV's first recognized show together. Again scores were on the low side but the pair was able to bring home a 1st and 2nd place finish with 65%'s at both Training 1&2. More importantly then the scores or placing, Phoebe has had Windy since she was 8 months old and it was just pure joy to be competing her favorite horse at their first show together!!! Thanks to both Claudia and Chuck who groomed and supported Suzanne and Phoebe for the day!!!


On July 11, 2011, Thornridge welcomed the arrival of Ginger Parker's Dutch Warmblood Stallion. Phoebe & Vinca have really hit it off and are looking forward to exciting times ahead. Please visit for more info on VINCA.

New Covert
MDA Schooling Show
July 9,2011

It is a good thing that our crew has so much fun together as this was another very long show day for us. Thank you to Amanda Beffel who lent a helping hand throughout the day to all of our riders, giving Phoebe and Claudia a chance to coach more. A special CONGRATS goes to Ali Riggle who was High Score Young Rider with a 71%.

The following students rode at this show.........

Suzanne Veltri & Country Bumpkin
Diane Vickery & Winterzauber
Suzanne Rittler & Brisk
Loretta Krauch & Wallstreet Rising
Eliza Alexander & Jack Of Hearts
Susan Eckert & Merriwolds Esquire
Adrienne Wisenberg & McCann's Valentine
Ali Riggle & Donnermagic
Erica DeGele & Clifford FV
Lizzy Loundas & Dare To Dream

Dressage at Blue Goose II
July 6, 2011

Loretta and Wally, Suzanne and Brisk, and Claudia and Prince all competed at First Level 2&3. We were surprised that Wally was not as confident at this show ground as his spooking tendency has really minimized with exposure at the last few shows. Suzanne had a great first test but had the absolute worst luck of the day for her second test. Farm horses were turned out in the middle of her test and poor Brisk just lost his mind. After he piaffed and passaged thru every expected movement of the second half of the test, Suzanne made the correct decision to excuse herself. Phoebe was reading the test for her and well, it was hard to keep a straight face as he was definitely not looking like any First Level horse there. WOW --- He sure can move -- The judge enjoyed the demonstration as well. A huge CONGRATS to Claudia and Prince for winning First Level 2 with yet another BLM Qualifying score. The pair really has improved at every outing this season....the quality of leg yields are hard to beat!!!

Ships Quarters
MDA Schooling Show
June 25, 2011

We took a whole crew from Thornridge to this show -- 3 trailers totaling 8 horses. Suzanne Veltri and Country Bumpkin started our day off in Intro A&B. Trailer in student Diane Vickery and Winter Zauber also competed in Intro with scores up to 67.5%. Lizzy Loundas and Dare To Dream continued with their cantering tests and scored up to 62%. Ali Riggle and Donnermagic were High Score Young Rider at Training 2. Kathryn Schultz and Donnermagic, Loretta Krach and Wallstreet Rising and Claudia Kleinsmith and Wallstreet Price were all scored very closely at First Level 2&3 Young Horse Division. Phoebe and Windsong won both Tr 1&2 Young Horse Division with scores up to 67%, the second highest score of the day.

Phoebe often travels to VT/NH to give clinics and one of her students was in town for a 2 week stay at Thornridge for extended training. It was a real treat having Susan Abraham and her Argentinian Thoroughbred, Alazan, join Thornridge at this show!!! Susan and Alazan rode First Level 3 for the first time -- well, they were High Score Senior Rider for the day.....YEAH!!!! Susan is a very dedicated eventer turned talented dressage rider and her horse Ali is incredibly expressive and athletic.

Our complete show day had many unexpected trials. One of the youngsters got girthy while being tacked up and took off bucking around the open grass field, toward the show ring,where another of our youngsters, Buddy, was waiting to enter the ring. Claudia did an amazing emergency dismount off Buddy as he was beginning to feed off of the bucking horse, but he still managed to get lose as well. Buddy then proceeded to do a total split on the farm's driveway.....emergency vet call and stitches ensued!!! So, unfortunately, Buddy was not able to compete and his first time off the farm was wrought with misfortune. The good news is that Buddy, after a month of stall rest has healed. We plan to catch a few fall shows with this talented youngster. While all this was going on, Suzanne and Country were competing in the ring -- Phoebe acted quickly and called for Suzanne to stop and then held Country until all the loose horses were caught.

In the mist of all the excitement, there were only a few horses that we were able to get pictures of, so below is Susan and Alazan and Phoebe and Windsong....


Chuck and I were able to take an afternoon break from the farm and decided that it was time to introduce Gopher to water. Our other Jacks, Ceili and Rerun love to swim, so we figured that they would be good examples for Gopher. We went off to the Big Gunpowder River so that the water was not too deep and there were rocks to rest on. Gopher was a natural and loved to retrieve sticks and stones. Unfortunately Ceili's retreating eye site, at 14yo, was not conducive to the rocky, it looks like she will be more confident in pools from now on. It was a great afternoon for Chuck and I with our doggies!!!!

Olney Farm
MDA Schooling Show
June 12, 2011

Since we were at Dressage at Fair Hill all day Sat, we decided only to take one trailer to this schooling show. It was certainly different for us as we actually finished up by noontime.....usually the schooling shows are an entire day affair for us. The close ride times were an unexpected treat!!! Suzanne Veltri and Country Bumpkin had two respectable Intro Tests with scores up to 58%. Erica Degele and Clifford, who have been embracing the goooo button, had consistent Intro Tests with 61.8% on both. Lizzy Loundas and Dare To Dream completed their first test with a canter and had scores up to 63.7%. Ali Riggle and Donnermagic were the second highest scoring pair of the entire day at Tr 2 with a 68.9%. This score was under the "R" judge and qualified them for the Training Level Finals. Kathryn Schultz, who owns Magic, also had great scores under the "R" judge, wining both First 1&2. Our trailer in student, Rachel Gale, made a move up to First Level and placed 2nd at this show.

While were at Olney, Students Adrienne Wisenburg and Scott Nickel were competing their TB's at an IEO Schooling Show. Adrienne was High Score of The Day with a 67.9% and Scott got more show ring experience with the double bridle in USEA Intermediate A&B. His goal of earning his bronze medal with Freeby is looking to become a reality.

Dressage At Fair Hill
June 11, 2011

Another successful show for our riders: Loretta Krach, Suzanne Rittler and Claudia Kleinsmith all competed First Level 2&3. Loretta's test was the least looky of the season and she would have been in the 60's had she not gone off course. Suzanne struggled with remembering her test as well, but still had respectable scores into the 60's. Claudia and Prince won third place in First 2 with a 65.4%. Scott Nickel and Personal Boy met up with us at the show and we are very pleased to report that his Second Level 1 Test finish of 4th place, with a 61.4%, marked his first score toward his bronze medal. Congrats to all.

While we were competing, Mardi Herman telephoned that she and her mare, Gilda won their first move up to Preliminary at Plantation Horse Trials. Additionally, Nina Meckel and her gelding, Buddy placed third in their beg novice division at Plantation HT. So, a great weekend for all.

IEO Schooling Show May 29, 2011

In addition to MDA Show, Thornridge has two students that are actively involved in the IEO, the oldest GMO in the Nation.

Scott Nickel and his Personal Boy have been working hard with the double bridle all winter but are not quite ready, yet, to compete with a 3rd level flying change. The IEO offers USEA Tests where he can compete at the Intermediate Level A&B in the double without having to showcase a flying change. It is a great opportunity for a green 3rd level pair to get the feel of using a double in a competition setting without enormous pressure. The tactic worked well as the pair scored at 62% in both tests...way to go!!!!

Scott and his wife, Linda are extraordinarily generous in that they have offered for one of our clients, Adrienne Wisenberg, to ride and compete their McCann's Valentine this season. Adrienne has a rescued TB in training at Thornridge that is not quite ready to compete but she is feeling the fever non the less!!! A huge thanks goes out from Thornridge to The Nickel Couple for offering such a wonderful opportunity to Adrienne. Adrienne and McCann placed second in Tr1&2 with a 67.5 and a 68.9, respectively. Her husband, Sol, has shared this artistic picture with us to use.......

MDA Schooling Show
June 5, 2011
Thornridge Manor

We are always happy to host the MDA Spring Schooling Show where all profits benefit the Young Rider Funds!!! It is a wonderful opportunity for us to expose our youngsters to a show atmosphere and all of our students love the ease of not having to travel. We had 14 horse and rider combinations that represented our farm this year and in addition to riding, everyone lent a helping hand and volunteered throughout the day. Again, I am always amazed by the support that our Thornridge Crew gives to each other. A big thank you to Amanda Beffel and Ashlan Dutter for spending the day grooming for all of us....Claudia and I particularly appreciated the extra help so it could free up our time to coach. Below are some pictures representing our Thornridge Crew........

Intro A&B -- Suzanne Veltri & County Bumpkin

Intro A&B -- Diane Vickery & Winterzauber

Intro A&B -- Erica DeGele & Clifford FV

Intro A&B -- Lizzie Loundas & Dare To Dream

Intro A&B -- Claudia Kleinsmith & Broadway Dancer "Buddy's" First Show!!!

Intro A&B -- Phoebe DeVoe Moore & Beaujoulais "Roo's" First Show!!!

Tr 1&2 -- Adrienne Wisenberg & McCann's Valentine

Heather = Tr 1&2 -- Heather Stiffel & Legacy Of Gold

Tr1&2 -- Angie Papvasillou & Chocolate Princess

2nd 1&2 -- Scott Nickel & Personal Boy

Kathryn Schultz & Donnermagic

Ist 1&2 -- Loretta Krauch & Wallstreet Rising

Winner of 1st 2&3 -- Claudia Kleinsmith and Wallstreet Prince Young Horse Division -- Scores up to 70%!!!

Winner of Tr1&2 -- Phoebe DeVoe Moore & Windsong FV Young Horse Division -- Scores up to 72.9%!!!

This Is Windy & Phoebe's First Show Together

They inched out Prince for HIGH SCORE OF THE DAY

Dressage at Heavenly Waters
May 28-29, 2011

Just our Wallstreet's went to this show: Claudia and Wallstreet Prince and Loretta Krauch and Wallstreet Rising, aka "Wally." This was Loretta's first show with Wally and she jumped right into action at a recognized show. Her rides improved throughout the weekend as Wally became less and less spooky. Loretta recently purchased Wally, who was bred by Equanimity Farm Sporthorses. Claudia and Prince did exactly what Phoebe asked for -- "go for those lengthened paces and show off his power!" Well she got them punching, but sometime had some trouble on the come back, oh well!!! Claudia and Prince had scores up to 68% for the weekend and earned qualifying scores for First Level GAIG Champs. Great Job to our Ladies and our favorite Wallstreets.

Dressage at Blue Goose I
May 18, 2011

Claudia and Walltreet Prince started their 2011 season off very respectably at First Level. Last year, Prince hated the puddles, now this year, he is more brave and has no problem powering through the slop!! The pair received 62+% in both First Level 2&3, with a 5th place finish at First 3. Their first show out, they received BLM Qualification.

Having Photography "Phun" in FL

Chuck and Phoebe had a chance to spend an extended weekend in FL with our "phriends" from Flying Lion Farm mid Jan 2011. In addition to dropping off Fox Trot to be bred in 2011 to the "pharm's" Weser Elm's Stallion, LeAndros.....we ended up coming home with a "phew" other horses. No big stretch that Windsong's sibling, Beaujoulais, is now here at Thornridge!!! We are in complete anticipation to start riding this "phabulous" youngster!!! And, out of all the horses to choose "phrom", we came home with a TB!!! Once Phoebe saw Peanut move, he got the second trailer spot.....just cannot believe he is a full TB, but he, apparently, is. Thornridge Manor is excited to enter into a new training/sales program with Flying Lion and expect to be seeing our "phriends" on a much more regular basis. Julianna and Gary sure do have some super horses................wish we had gone with the 4 horse rather then the small trailer!!!!

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