Mozart, KWPN Dutch Warmblood by FairPlay (Ulft x Osca)

As a personal horse for Phoebe Devoe for 4 years, Mozart gained a ton of showing experience from Training level through Third level at regional and championship competitions. In 2004, he earned very competitive scores at Third level on the Florida Circuit. While under Phoebe's ownership, Mozart had the ability to sustain high levels of collection and had many confirmed FEI movements: tempi changes, passage, and the start of piaffe.

In 2005, he was sold as a schoolmaster to an AA and remained at Thornridge Manor for lessons and training. Still an athletic mount, Mozart has incredibly correct lateral movements that are easy for the novice rider to learn. He also has a steady frame and feel to the bridle that allow a rider to recognize proper and elastic connection. As Mozart is a naturally forward and expressive horse, we do not recommend a timid rider as his best match. His never ending work ethic and forgiving nature do make a wonderful match for the solid lower level rider that is ready to make a transition onto a more powerful moving mount.

He is only for sale due to the changing career and time limitations of his present owner. As Mozart has been at Thornridge Manor for almost seven years, we are happy to offer a more negotiable price and reduced lesson and/or training fees if he remains on the property. Mozart has a ton of personality and quickly bonds with his good home is a must.


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