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2011 Bay gelding. Registered Old/GOV -- Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society. Sired by the Hanoverian, Sonntagskind (Sandro Hit x EM Dorucza) and out of the Trakener, Zejaluna (Palmenhain x Zaid's Friend). Measures 16.3H as of December 2016. At expected final maturity, will be a modern-type with long legs and narrow middle.

BLOODLINES:Shamus is sired by the 2010 70-Day Stallion Test Reserve Champion, Hanoverian Stallion, Sonntagskind (Sandro Hit/Donnerhall/Rubinstein I). His registered Trakener/approved GOV dam, Zejaluna has a full history of producing Premium Old/GOV offspring. Zejaluna is also a wonderful riding horse that is trained and/or competed in both hunters and dressage. In 2014, Thornridge Manor leased Luna for one of our rising young riders -- we can attest to the fact that Luna is a quality mare in every way possible!!!!

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BACKGROUND/SIBLINGS:Another of our quality sale horses bred by Flying Lion Farm, in FL, Shamus boasts an impressive weanling show record!! He has been handled extensively and is an incredibly sweet and sensible guy. Thornridge Manor has known him since he was a weanling and has hand picked him to become one of our offered 2014 sale horses. All of the offspring out of Zejaluna have earned Premium Old/GOV Status -- our partners, Flying Lion Farm, have two other offspring out of this wonderful mare. Shamus' 2006 sibling, Zeja Vu, has a stand-out Hunter Breeding National results & DSHB Show/GAIG Championships Mare results & extensive HOY/All Breed Record. Zeja Vu, has, herself produced two Premium Old/GOV foals by Landkonig. We suspect her 2015 foal will follow suit! Shamus' 2014 sibling, Lasso La Lune (LeAndros/LeSanto x Zejaluna), was awarded AWR First Premium Premier on his huge 8.3 foal inspection score! Other Premium Status offspring that Zejaluna has produced (but are not affiliated with Flying Lion Farm) include: Zalani (Donovan), Zhanya (Glorioso Noir) and Days Gone By (Danone). At Thornridge, we always look to the dam to provide extra special qualities and Shamus' dam is no exception this closely followed history, we find so pleasing!!!


  • * ONLY 5 WEEKS OLD at his first show: First Place Foal Class & Foal Champion & Reserve Champion High Score of the Day, with a 79.8%.
  • * ONLY 3 MONTHS OLD: High Point German Oldenburg at Sunshine Classic I.
  • * ONLY 3 MONTHS OLD: 4th Place GAIG/USDF Southeast Foal Championships!!!
    Judges Comments: "Sweet face, lovely eye, nicely set neck, fairly smooth into wither. Suppleness in loin, good swing thru body. Tracks correct behind, walks well thru back, correct in front. Nice articulation when trotting, shows some lift and suppleness. Good sport horse prospect!"
  • * USDF All Breeds National Champion German Oldenburg 2011 Colt -- DSHB!!!!
  • * Adequan/USDF HOY National Finals, Ranked 6th Place -- DSHB.
  • * Silver Stirrup Zone 4 Reserve Champion Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Young Horse.
  • * Silver Stirrup National 6th Place Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Young Horse.
  • * Premium Status Awarded at Old/GOV inspection: ONLY 6 DAYS OLD!!!!!!

April 1, 2015 UPDATE: Shamus was able to ship to Thornridge the middle of February 2015, and we were just too busy to get him started undersaddle immediately. In the fall of 2014, Shamus had been lightly backed (2 weeks undersaddle)), in FL, and was subsequently awaiting delivery to Thornridge. Even though we were overwhelmed by our 2015 winter-daily-riding-schedule, Shamus adjusted quickly to a new environment, pasture buddies AND brutally cold temperatures!!! By not rushing his acclimation, we feel that he was ahead of the ball-game once it was time to put him back undersaddle. This special youngster never missed a step and has been a complete joy to work around, both undersaddle and on the ground. Wonderful PROMISE Shamus has presented to us!! He is a total love-bug with unlimited talent! Super hind leg in all 3 gaits!! Currently, Shamus is mentally mature but he is physically a late-bloomer. We for-see him to reach 16.2H final height, with more width/bulk -- already, after only 3 weeks of riding, he is flourishing and developing muscle. We intend to regularly update photos and video on Shamus. We are looking forward to cataloging his development. We strongly believe that Shamus is destined to have a future performance record that matches his DSHB show record!!! We certainly prefer to find him a best friend/life long partner as we know that many buyers will recognize his potential and seek to re-sell him. If he becomes a resale project, his breeder (and Thornridge) will ask for the communication/chance to follow his life/career. Basically, Shamus come with a built-in-fan-club!!!!

JULY 17, 2015 UPDATE: Shamus is flourishing undersaddle!! By the end of this month, we intend to start placing his official sale advertisements. He is physically maturing, growing and developing proper weight/muscle, for his narrow/leggy build. We have placed several AA ladies on Shamus and he adjusts to each rider's aids with ease!! Overall, Shamus is a push horse. He has no issues with different riders. His uncomplicated riding disposition is illustrative of his sweet-day-to-day-handling-demeanor!! In addition to his weekly dressage training, Shamus LOVES to trail ride, once per week, around our 100 acre farm. Don't delay interest in this HONEST & SAFE horse.


  • *USDF All Breeds National Champion German Oldenburg Materiale for 4/5yo Stallion & Geldings.
  • *Qualified for Region 1 GAIG Training Level Championships.
  • *Qualified for Region 1 CBLM Championships Training & First Level.
  • *High Score OldGOV Award at Dressage at Heavenly Waters -- May 2016.
  • *High Score OldGOV Award at PVDA Ride For Life -- June 2016.
  • *Training Level Scores as high as 74.4%.
  • *First Level Scores as high as 71.5%.
  • *Materiale Class Scores as high as 81.5%.

JANUARY 2017 UPDATE: After an incredibly successful 2016 undersaddle competition debut, it's time for us to get serious about marketing Shamus for sale. He is just a hard one to let go of -- he is an absolute BLAST! Shamus is in Live Oak, FL with Phoebe from Jan 1st thru April 10th, 2017. We are currently tweaking his Third Level lateral work and he has green single changes. He truly has the most rideable and trainable disposition of any young horse we have worked with. He does not even need to get ridden around the show grounds the Friday prior to a weekend show! He's that HONEST!! Judges love this elegant horse. Last show summary comment read, "Talented pair that is destined for the FEI ring! Well Done!" Phoebe will continue to advance Shamus' training and to show him in 2017, so BUY NOW before his price goes up...........

**Lifetime Registered with USEF & USDF**

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