SUNNY LS (SEMPATICO x MS DARTMOUTH) The Hanoverian mare Dartmouth is by Domiro out of the very impressive MS Treveri (Trapper). 2008/Yearling filly, Sempatico's guaranteed pinto coloring, Registered Oldenburg NA.

At Thornridge Manor, we like to establish long-term relationships with reputable breeders. Our purchase of Sunny LS represents our third youngster from Lynch's Shepherd Farm in Gaithersburg, MD. Not only are we a huge fan of the Hanoverian "Trapper" bloodline, but we appreciate the stereotypically lovely dispositions that Sempatico is known to throw in his offspring. Our previous sale horse, Wromanovna LS, came from the Trapper line. And, sale horse, Socora, was by Sempatico. Therefore, it was no stretch that we were interested in Sunny LS from the beginning!!!

As an investment sale horse, we were planning to keep Sunny until she was broken as a 3yo. But, it came as no surprise to us that she sold after only 6 weeks here -- we did not even have a chance to post her information prior to her sale. That alone speaks volumes shadowed in a slow economy!! After Sunny's arrival in May 2009, there is only one word that describes this attractive filly....SWEET. In the few short weeks that Sunny was here, there was not a person at Thornridge that was not caught, at least once, cuddling with her in her stall. But, the lucky purchaser of this special filly is student, Alix Day. Alix currently competes her 20yo TB gelding and has mapped out her future with Sunny. Although Sunny has moved onto a new facility where she can grow up with other youngsters, she will return full time to Thornridge as a 3yo to be broken and trained in dressage. Congratulations to Alix and her mom and dad, Randy and George. We will be looking forward to sharing this ride with pun intended.

SUNNY LS, Yearling -- MAY 2009

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