Mysterious Beau (Balda x Mysterious Girl)

"Beau" -- Imported Irish Sport Horses, 17H, 12 yo, dark bay, gelding

Irish Horse Registry Passport (#2521523)

FEI Passport (IRL 03165)

Background: Beau evented thru Intermediate (CCI**) level in Ireland. After being imported in the US in 2007, he has competed with adult amateur riders thru Training level eventing. He consistently scores low marks in dressage ( 25%) but his cross country jumping record has been too unreliable to continue eventing. Therefore, he is being retired from competitive eventing; he is not being retired due to soundness issues!!

Presently: Beau is appropriately marketed as a low level schoolmaster for the adult amateur or young rider -- he even makes the perfect husband's horse. Beau has correct and solid basics and can teach a rider thru 2nd level. As he is with a dressage facility to be sold, is dressage skills are continuing to progress daily. Beau has a very forgiving nature and truly wants to please his rider.He will hack outside alone or with a group -- he is safe, but not without the occasional small spook. We would prefer for any continued jumping to be in a low pressure, non competitive, "just for fun" environment as beau has given a past effort and deserves his eventing retirement. Beau has a packer mentality and bonds very quickly with his person.

Beau is a low maintenance, easy keeper. He settles into new environments like a champ; has no vices; can turnout in a group or alone; self loads and unloads; is easy to groom, vacuum, and bathe; is easy for the farrier and vet; and has a gently way with children. Simply stated, Beau is just a good guy!!! We expect Beau to have a positive pre-purchase exam.

Motivated Seller, who requires sale income to purchase next proven eventer.


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