Doeke van Wiko ( Tsjerk 328 x Jane-Pauline Van De Zonschate)

Doeke is a 7 year old, 16.2H FPS Friesian that was bred in the Netherlands. There, he participated in the country's stallion testing and placed an amazing 12th out of the final 100 stallions chosen. Shortly, thereafter, he was imported by Friesian of Majesty (VT). Here, his incredible disposition allowed him to excel in varying avenues:

  • Doeke was trained in dressage and even used as a lesson horse
  • Doeke was trained in driving both single and double axle
  • Doeke participated in weekly quadrille exhibitions at the facility.
In January 2007, a local lady purchased Doeke as her dressage horse in what seemed like a dream come true. Regretfully, Doeke's owner has placed him for sale solely due to the reality that she has advanced age-related arthritis (she is 68 years old!!) that inhibits her ability to enjoy riding this wonderful horse.

Due to a lifelong friendship between Phoebe and Doeke's owner, he arrived at Thornridge Manor to be sold. Here, he will continue advancement in his dressage training. Interestingly, we have also had Doeke's half brother, Hessel, in training for the last year. Hessel just began his performance career and has been consistently scoring into the 70's at training level dressage. This is a testament of the quality offspring that Tsjerk 328 is know for producing.

If you are seeking that once in a lifetime partner and have a fondness for the Friesian breed, Doeke is a real find!! He is a breath-taking mover, he has a super personality and he comes with a safely level that is hard to put a price tag on.

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