A Splash of Art

2000 State of the Art (Oldenburg) x Val D'Siere (TB)

'Splash' is an eye popping warmblood cross that is owned by the original breeder--she has resided on this owner's farm for her entire life and is only with us to ease the difficulty of her necessary sale. With her middle-aged, AA owner, Splash has had varied exposure including local dressage shows, elementary and baby novice events, local hunter shows, paper chases, and foxhunting with Mt. Carmel and Rose Tree Hunt Clubs. Due to her eagerness and bold expression over jumps, we believe that Splash is suited to continue as a competitive eventer, Ponyclubber, or foxhunter. Her natural balance just carries the rider to the jump. She has a solid foundation on the flat and, with more training, has the ability to advance through the levels. As a versatile athlete, Splash is best suited for an intermediate JR/AA rider. Splash's sire, State of the Art, is a homozygous pinto by Art Deco that is well known for his powerful jumping and eventing potential. With her sturdy conformation and genetic tendency for color, Splash is a wonderful broodmare candidate. She has no health or soundness issues, however, it is pertinent to disclose that she has a pin thru the RF cannon bone as a result of a spiral fracture--her dam stepped on her when she was just one day old. The growth plates were not effected and the vet has placed no limitations on Splash. Documentation and details of this old injury will be shared.

Offered to approved home only. Riding or breeding. Contact owner directly: kdccdow@msn.com

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