Meet The Thornridge Team:

Since meeting in 2003 and forming an instant friendship, Phoebe DeVoe and Claudia Kleinsmith have formed a long term, dressage oriented partnership based upon communication and honesty. Together, they have proven themselves successful with training horses, teaching riders, selecting sale horses, and subsequently matching them with new partners.

What is most unique about Phoebe and Claudia is that, as professionals, they believe in owning several personal horses, at any given time. All of their horses have been purchased as youngsters, mostly aged 2 and under. Many of these youngsters have received high accolades at Breed Shows and all of them have gone on to become successful performance horses.

In 2008, Thornridge Manor was recognized as a top dressage training facility in the USA. Representatives from the American Hanoverian Society and from the German Verband have approved Thornridge Manor for Intro thru FEI Training, Sales and Inspection/MPT Preparation. To quote the Inspectors: "The US needs more facilities that are this top-notch, coupled with the services that you provide."

We employ a full time groom and full time working students. Feel free to contact us if you have interest in joining Team-Thornridge!!!

                        Claudia Kleinsmith schooling with Phoebe DeVoe

           Phoebe DeVoe showing 3rd Level

For more pictures and highlights on the Team Players, please click below:

Phoebe DeVoe-Moore
Claudia Kleinsmith
Chuck Moore

Phoebe and Claudia at a DSHB show       

                       Claudia on Star

The Thornridge Team Offers:

  • Training Services:
  • Long Term Monthly Full Training/Board Packages
    Partial Monthly Training/Board Packages
    Short Term Weekly Full Training/Board Packages
  • Lesson Services:
  • Four lesson minimum requirement for boarders/month
    Easily Accessible for trailer-in service
    Limited availability to travel off site for lessons, but considered
    Clinic requests encouraged and considered
  • Sales Services
  • Consignment for Sale/Training Packages available
    Minimum 30 day requirement before marketing
    Stellar reputation with many repeat buyers
    Help to find your next partner -- Keen eye for a good match
    Large professional network
  • Young Horse Services:
  • Handling for pre-backed aged horses
    Preparation for Foal Inspections
    Preparation for Mare Inspections and MPTs
    In hand lessons for interest in showing at DSHB Shows
    Will accept horse in for Training packages with as little as 30 days undersaddle prep.
    ** As of 2014, we no longer provide breaking services**
  • Rehabilitative Services
  • Expert care for long term injuries
  • Competition Services
  • Transportation, Coaching, Riding
    Realistic critique from judge's perspective
    Attend many local shows -- MDA & PVDA & Misc
    Attend many Regional Shows & National Championships
    FL Winter Train/Show packages often available

Bella at a show                     

          Phoebe DeVoe on Lester, FEI

The Thornridge Approach to Training Sessions:

1.) Encourage the horse and rider to process riding in a forward state of mind. Understanding the importance and willingness to want to reach toward the bridle

2.) Address the components of difficult movements and then combine patterns rather than just simply repeating test-like movements. This develops confidence in the rider as an independent thinker.

3.) Define balance through the control of the rider's position and proper use of light aids

4.) Keep the horse motivated and interested with the use of cross-training. Patterned ground poles and in-hand-whip-work is often introduced and implemented during lessons to help develop fexpression. We believe in progressive training.

5.) Keen understanding and appreciation that not all riders are interested in competition, but rather find pleasure in the daily training program. Competition is not a requirement in the quest for skill and knowledge.

6.) Consistent and repetitions focus on the training scale as the foundation for developing obedience and throughness from level to level.
Claudia on Reminisce          

          Phoebe on Gomerant (KWPN), FEI

Claudia & Phoebe Hanging Out to Ride   
Phoebe with Student, Suzanne: 2012
    BLM Second Level Champions

Claudia & Mozart on the       
Equiery Cover 2007          

Claudia & Her Student Have Successful Show

Successful DSHB Show for           
Thornridge Team 2012               

      Phoebe and Windsong Were
       Nearly Undefeated FL 2012

Phoebe & Londonderry Lad Were         
Nearly Undefeated FL 2014              

         Phoebe & Veronica
     2012 4YO Markel Mount

15yr Anniversary & Holiday Party         

          Claudia & Dressed To Kill 2014

Phoebe & Wallstreet Prince 2014         

           Phoebe (2014 Bronze MFS Bar)
               and Claudia (Bronze Medal)
   Celebrate with Their Medal Earning Mount,
                   Wallstreet Prince 2014

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